Fiesta gear-box mountings - Dave Y
Number 1 daughter has just had her '95 Fiesta 1.3 MOTd in Newcastle by a garage chain which I've found to be OK in the past. They've said that the gear-box mountings are worn and should be replaced and this is a v. common failing on Fiestas. Having rear-ended someone in December and had bonnet, rad., fron replaced by main dealer she asked if this could be the reason but they said might have contributed but the fault was commonly due to just wear.
This is news to me and HJs car-by-car breakdown doesn't mention it for the Fiesta.
Can anyone confirm that this is the case for Fiestas? Is it even part of the MOT/DoT testing procedure?
Many thanks in advance
Dave Y
Re: Fiesta gear-box mountings - Mike Harvey
Dave, worn gearbox mountings are not a 'reason for failure' on an MOT test. The tester may though at their discretion refuse to test the car if they feel it to be dangerous, which I doubt it will be. Is the car making knocking noises on hard acceleration and deceleration, and the gear lever moving about excessively? If not, the mountings are likely to be OK. You may be better popping into another garage for a second opinion to be absolutely sure.
Re: Fiesta gear-box mountings - steve paterson
Dave, Mike is right, Gearbox mountings aren't a testable item, but the tester was right to advise you of the fault. It's part of the MOT test to do this.
A few years ago I tested an old camper van (RWD) The rear gearbox mounting was held on by two loose bolts instead of six tight ones. I wouldn't have even road tested it, but all I could do was issue an MOT and advise the owner of the defect.
Re: Fiesta gear-box mountings - Dave Y
Mike & Steve

Many thanks for the comments. Further news from daughter indicates that the garage say that it's the rubber mountings that have split; apparently not dangerous yet & they did say it wasn't part of MOT.
I was just surprised that it seems to be a common problem on Fiestas - I've never heard of it as a problem before.
Re: Fiesta gear-box mountings - Andrew Barnes
Its common for the front engine mount to break.


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