Oil Change - Mondeo TDCI - khizman
I will be changing the oil on my mondeo TDCI 2005 soon, will using a pair of ramps cause the oil not to drain, or should it be ok?
Oil Change - Sprice
If you're concerned, start draining with the car on the ramps, then when it starts to trickle, roll it off the ramps and see if more oil starts to emerge!
Oil Change - khizman
Hmm, changing the filter and putting the sump plug back in may be difficult..
Oil Change - DP
It depends where the drain plug is. The closer it is to the rear edge of the sump, the less the ramps will affect the draining. If it's actually on the rear face of the sump (as my Mondeo TD's is), sticking it on ramps is fine as long as the car is level left to right.
Oil Change - Dynamic Dave
It depends where the drain plug is.

It also depends on what ledges and crevices there are in the engine for the oil to remain on or in if the engine is sat at an angle.
Oil Change - Hamsafar
Put it up on the ramps, and then see exactly what tool you need and the location etc... and then see if you can do it by feel. i always do them by feel with a shallow washing up bowl, a rubber glove and it is a tight squeeze, especially initially removing the plug with the bowl in situe, but saves a lot of hassle.
Oil Change - Mondeo TDCI - kithmo
I've just changed mine, no need for ramps, plastic filter housing is at front of engine, hand tight, or if you're a wimp use a 36 mm socket but I wouldn't tighten it with the socket with it being plastic. Sump plug is at drivers side of sump, easily reached from the front of the car, 13 mm socket or spanner. If you leave the oil to drain for about 20 mins and thoroughly clean out the filter housing, the oil will be nice and clean for a little longer. Capacity 5.5 ltr

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