Rover 414 - lady driver
Could anyone help with two things -

1) Where is the relay for the passenger front window?

2) Is it possible to fit a cycle carrier on a late 1998 model?, we nearly set off with a Euromat type on the back, but realised just in time that the hooks were on rubber seals rather than metal of hatchback.

Would be glad of any clues
Rover 414 - Civic8
Underneath cover just below steering column,not certain which one it is though.

I think you will find they are like that due to scratching of paint without the rubbers in place?
Rover 414 - wrangler_rover
On the subject of cycle carriers, no it's not possible to fit the carrier that sits on the hatchback & is hung from the top edge of the hatchback by metal hooks because the top edge is a soft rubber.
There are 2 alternatives:
a) If you have a towbar, buy a "Pendle" type cycle rack that bolts onto the towbar.
b) If you don't have a towbar, buy a set of roofbars, I would recommend Thule Rapid fit system, readily available on Ebay and cycle carriers of the type that bolt onto roofbars and hold the cycle upright, again available from Ebay.

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