Octavia rear wash wipe - bazza
Hi Folks

Looks like my 2003 Octavia has developed the infamous VW rear wiper problem. Wiper motor won't switch off, leaking water out of the little plastic connector that the hose goes onto. Water also coming out of other parts of the motor (hence probably why it won't switch off!)
I've disconnected the feed for the time being. Does anyone have a DIY fix for this, does the motor come apart at all? If not, does anyone know a good motor factor or is it down to Mr Skoda to hoover my pockets? Is the motor common to other makes?
2 months out of warranty, just typical isnt it!

Thanks in advance
Octavia rear wash wipe - Carl
Just replaced the rear wiper on my 2003 Octavia, motor is £75 from Skoda

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