Head gasket blown? Rover214Si - duncansand
I just noticed I'm loosing a little coolant on my P-reg Rover 214Si. Also, there's brown oily gung floating on the top of the water in the coolant expansion tank. This sounds horribly like the head gasget is going - true? What sort of cost am I likely to be in for....

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Head gasget blown? - Xileno {P}
Highly likely to be head gasket failure. Not uncommon on the K Series. Cost of repair depends on how badly cooked the engine has got. Things get messy very quickly with these due to the small coolant capacity. It may not even be worth bothering with given the age of the car and the fact that Rovers are worth very little. Maybe better looking for a new car.
Head gasget blown? - duncansand
The engine temperature is still normal and it's only lost a small amount of coolant - never dropped below the minimum....so I think the engine hasn't been 'cooked' - I'm hoping we're just looking at the gasget replacement. The car might not be worth much, but any other car I buy for that sort of price is likely to have it's own issues....at least I know the history of this one! If the engine's OK and we just need a gasget, any idea what this is likely to cost?
Head gasget blown? - Xileno {P}
If it is just the gasket to be replaced and no skimming of the head then probably around £300 to £400. But it would make sense to replace the cambelt at the same time.
Head gasget blown? - LeePower
The K series is an all alloy block with an alloy head.

Its good engineering practice to skim ANY alloy cylinder head when its been removed.

If you don't bother with the head skim expect to be doing the head gasket again in the not to distant future.
Head gasget blown? - Civic8
I'm hoping we're just looking at the gasget replacement.

Get the expansion tank gas tested,ie to check if gasket has gone,if ok, it stands very good chance of it being head crack.

I have been there,with my last rover,and its not cheap to repair..I usually do my own repairs but didnt have the time or inclination to do it myself.

If it turns out to be head crack,its advisable to buy a new head (not secondhand breakers yard)very good chance its had the same problem.

If it is HG you must get head pressure tested before refitting,or you will be wasting your money!!
Head gasget blown? - duncansand
This sounds like good advice. Should 'any' garage be able to do this (it sounds quite specialist)? I have a place that does the MOT and regular servicing - are they likely to be up to the job?
Head gasget blown? - bbroomlea{P}
Its highly likely the HG has gone between the oil rails and mixing with the water. What mileage has it done?

I have the same car and had the misfortune of this happening. If you havent let the car get hot then a quick change of the gasket will keep it going for a few years. Get the cambelt and possibly the water pump done if it hasnt already been replaced.

price wise would depend where you are in the country but you would get a good job done for £300ish, probably a bit more if it needs a water pump.

Personally I wouldnt bother getting the head skimmed if it hasnt got hot, however the garage would check for any warping anyway before refitting.
Head gasget blown? - Civic8
>>I have a place that does the MOT and regular servicing - are they likely to be up to the job?

Yes, an MOT test centre will be able to sniff the tank,doesnt take long,and should decide whether its head or gasket.

Beware though,its not uncommon for both to be in need of replacement,ie pressure test could prove head has a problem?

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