Citroen C15 Fan/Radiator - corblimeyguvnar
Mate had a new radiator fitted to his 2000 C15 due to minor front end ding, this was about a month ago, after not many miles use the fan has started to come on as soon van is started.
Couple of questions here,
any ideas what this could be and how much to fix?, obvious answer would be to go back to the place where the radiator was done but this would be a bit of a round trip as it happened away from home.
Also if this isnt fixed as a priority are there any chances of it causing further problems, i.e damage due to 'over cooling' of the engine?
Any ideas and help most appreciated.
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Citroen C15 Fan/Radiator - Simon
The most likely answer is that the temperature sensor/switch in the radiator has failed and is thus telling the fan to run all the time. Don't confuse this with any of the other temperature sensors as there are generally more than one on the vehicle.

It will be hard to attribute it to the accident, although the fact that it has been disturbed, ie fitted into the new radiator will probably have not helped its lifespan.

Personally I would put it down to experience and buy/fit a new one. It shouldn't be more than a few pounds and it would probably end up costing more in time and fuel taking it back to the people who fixed the van than just sorting it out himself. If he does take it back there is no guarantee that they will fix it for free.

It isn't a priority to get it sorted. It can't 'over-cool' the engine but letting the fan run constantly will shorten the cooling fan motors 'life' somewhat. Whether it will ever wear out whilst your mate owns the van is anybodys guess.
Citroen C15 Fan/Radiator - corblimeyguvnar
Thanks Simon, will pass on the info.
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Citroen C15 Fan/Radiator - corblimeyguvnar
Ha, Ha,
bone idle mate never bothered to get the fan sorted, it eventually caused a relay to burn out and this lost use of windscreen wipers, which this week is not good.

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