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I drive a now somewhat elderly Volvo 940 automatic with 135000 up .1991 and H plate.It has started to get unexpectedly "Grumpy" with the engine management dash light coming on and the car surging,refusing to pull or rev over 2000 rpm ,then calming down and acting as normal after a while.
Several trips to local Volvo garages have not found a problem and all that seems to be being done is the battery is disconnected,left a few minutes and then re-connected again which re-sets the dashboard warning light and I get charged £20!
Any thoughts anyone?
I dont want to junk the car as i am some what attached to it.
volvo940 engine mangement system problem - pettaw
Hiya, post up on the Volvo Owner's club forum with engine and car details and someone will be able to point you in the right direction to getting the codes read, if possible and common causes for this.
volvo940 engine mangement system problem - 659FBE
Open up the fuel pump and injection control relays (their locations vary, and on some cars the two relays are together in one box) and resolder all of the joints on the pc board, especially those to the relay frames. Thermal cycling breaks these joints as the relay coils run hot.

If you are not in a position to resolder, check the relays by substitution.


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