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I have just test driven a 2001 Leon TDI SE. I was unimpressed by the brakes. They felt far less effective than the brakes on my (unmodified)Golf GTI mark 2. Is this the norm or is it the sign of some defect? The service history indicated brake pad replacement some 8000 miles ago. The car felt good in other respects.

The service record indicates that the first service was done at 19,000 miles. Is this acceptable?

HJ's Car-by-Car Breakdown talks of the eventual failure of the ECU on TDI 110 models. Was this problem fixed by a certain date eg before 2001?
SEAT Leon TDI - Armitage Shanks {p}
Could be a function of the conversion of the basic car from LHD to RHD. There has been a discussion of the conversion problems/features recently on this forum.

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