Fiat Grande Punto "suspension" rattle - J.B.
Has anyone experienced a loud rattling noise seemingly suspension related? Mine seems to come on after about 40 miles or so and can be really loud, but you've guessed it, it miraculously disappears when approaching a Fiat dealer so its really difficult to track down. The dealer has been helpful and checked all the nuts and bolts etc but without hearing the noise they're a bit stymied. I wonder if a damper is intermittently losing its damping ability for some reason allowing the suspension to crash about but I only think that because I cant think of anything else. Any ideas out there?
Its a 1.2 dynamic with 250 miles on if thats any help.
Fiat Grande Punto "suspension" rattle - KostasK
I have the exact same problem. Every morning I go to work (about 25 miles from my house)and the car sounds fine. I park and 8 hours later when the time comes to go back home, the rattling noise starts. Its a 1.4 Active Sport and have only done about 1200 miles. I have read other forums from a number of countries and most that hear a rattling noise blame the steering rack. I have an appointment with my dealer (their customer service seems to be very good so far...or maybe its just my dealer) to investigate the problem. Did you find out what it was in your car? Have you fixed it and if yes what did the dealer said it was?
Fiat Grande Punto "suspension" rattle - Big John
Check where the steering column fastens onto the steering rack. On my Punto (99 HLX) the bolt was found to be tight, but not tight enough allowing some play in the steering that appeared to be front suspension rattle over bumps. Half a turn later - no rattle.
Fiat Grande Punto "suspension" rattle - autumnboy
Check all the steering rack joints for signs/feel of movement.


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