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I purchased from a dealer a Laguna with Carminat Sat Nav. However, it didn't come with the manual which covers the radio/ CD player and sat nav. The dealer cannot get one from scouting around he says, the previous owner took it out the car (why?, why?) and it seems that I cannot get one from Renault as it doesn't have a part No. and they aren't printed anyway.

Now I have got the hang of most of the system, but not all of it. I am thinking of the future re-sale here as well.

Where can I get the manual for my sat nav/cd/radio? the car is an 04 reg so it's not that old is it ?

And if I want to update the maps can I do that easily enough?

Any help is appreciated.

Laguna Carminat Sat Nav. - Pugugly {P}
Laguna Carminat Sat Nav. - Altea Ego
The Carminat sat nav in the laguna was orginally developed by Philips. Philips then sold off the car consumer elctronics division to VDO Dayton, where it was rebadged as the MS5xxx range.

So if you want mapping updates - thats your source.
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Laguna Carminat Sat Nav. - Vincent de Marco
goinginaguna: does it come with the Auditorium Sound System ? is it any good ? only 7 speakers AFAIK...
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Laguna Carminat Sat Nav. - goinginaguna
Never really thought to count them, er lets see.....yes, think so. Very good I'd say. If only I had the manual.....

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