Adding praise for dealers found in dir? - Mutton Geoff
The Audi needed a service, so used my old favourites, Wheelbase in Hersham. My girlfriends Fiesta Zetec died last week with engine management light on, so got it trailered to Dagenham Motors, Byfleet.

Both places did excellent work, no sucking of air, prompt attention, reasonable invoices and very polite follow up. Can I add my recommendation to those two?

(The Fiesta turned out to be a coil problem, reminds me of an old Lady Di joke but we won't go there)

Adding praise for dealers found in dir? - stevied
I'll pass these on to one of my southern friends who's having an A4 nightmare in the same area!

PS Are you referring to Will Carling asking if the garage had a "Coil for a 1981 Princess?"
Adding praise for dealers found in dir? - Mutton Geoff
Carling .. Yes, that's the one!

I can't praise Wheelbase enough. I have used them for almost 10 years. They aren't cheap (hourly rate £70) but I know that every hour they bill you is real time spent on the car, not something picked from a "service menu".

I've taken all sorts there, MK2-3-4 Golfs, Audi Coupes, S3's and my A4 tdi. Colin Marshall is the guy to speak to.


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