Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
For almost 9 years, the PAS fluid reservoir on my Mondeo has been one of its least exciting components - the fluid level has never changed - that is until yesterday when I noticed that the level had dropped about half an inch below the min level.

Then, whilst hosing under the front of the car (it's OK, no hosepipe ban here, yet), I noticed a slight oily film on the washings.

Could someone tell me, please, if PAS fluid is oil based as it looks as though there's a leak to investigate?

Cheers Waino
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Dynamic Dave
Yes, PAS fluid is oil based.
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
Thanks, DD, I've an awful feeling I'm about to shed a few pounds!
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Galaxy
It might simply be leaking out of the rubber pipes that push onto the bottom of the PAS reservoir. This is a common Mondeo problem, mine leaks from there, the cause being that the retaining clips are carp!

The cure?

Either just live with it and top up as necessary or replace the clips with Jubilee clips or similar.

Of course, it could be leaking from somewhere else, but I always believe in checking the simple things first!

Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
Thanks for the suggestion, Galaxy. I just checked - and I see what you mean about the retaining clips - but there is definitely no weepage at that point. That's a pity - I was hoping it would be nice and simple!
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - henry k
Have a look at the PAS fluid cooler.
It is the small radiator that is situated bottom left in front of the normal rad.
Two pipes connect on the left.
It is a simple ,U shaped - on its side, finned pipe.

You can see it and the two connecting pipes if you get on your knees and look through the louvres under the number plate.

My replacement Ford rad was about £45 two years ago.
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
By Jove, Henry, I think you've got it! Well done!

It looks as though the PAS fluid cooler has been weeping and the escaped fluid has been causing a build up of swarf on the fluid cooler AND on the bottom elements of the main radiator. The cooler looks 'wet' in places - and I can't see that there's anything else that could have leaked onto it. Actually, the bunging up of the lower elements of the radiator must be adversely affecting cooling. There's also evidence of leaked fluid on the plate below this area.

Access looks a bit tricky - did you manage to do the job without removing the bumper?

Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - henry k
I have just noticed you have an earlier Mondeo than my 98 version so I am not sure if all my info is valid.

My version can be done without removing the bumper but it was in fact done by the dealer at his expense.
It is just two securing bolts and the two hose clips then top it up. Not sure of the rest of the instructions if any re ensuring the system if full.

I was not happy with the oil soaked debris on my radiator so I did take off the bumper, clean the crud off, tweek the dead insects and straighten a few fins.
My under tray was also cruddy so I removed and cleaned that and finally replaced some missing securing screws/bolts.
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
My Mondeo is late '97, so I'll bet they are the same. I think I'll take it in to get it done - I don't fancy breaking bits off the bumper.

I'll try brushing Jizer onto the lower part of the radiator, then hosing it to get rid of the debris.

I suspect my car man is on hol at the moment, but I'll let you know the outcome.

Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - henry k
My Mondeo is late '97, so I'll bet they are the same.

>>I would think they are.

>>I don't fancy breaking bits off the bumper.
IMO Haynes is not that clear on how to take the bumper off.
I do have my own detailed instructions on how to do it if you change your mind but the first task is plus gas on the bumper stays.
I also bought four new plastic plugs and the bolts that fit them for about £3 before I completed the job.
These are the main securing bolts and will probably be rusted in.

I would monitor the leak rate and wait for the return of your car man.
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - Waino
Just to bring you up to date with what happened here ... my carman returned from hol and replaced the PAS cooling pipe (£46.69 plus vat), cleared out the cooling fins to the main rad and replaced a coolant sensor (not connected with the PAS problem). The whole lot, with labour and vat, came to £146. Apparently, access to the PAS cooler was was not easy - frustratingly, because you can easily see it through the front lower grill.

For some time, I had noticed the engine temp going up, particularly in traffic queues - and now believe it was due to the build up of PAS fluid/dust on the lower part of the rad. A slow leak of PAS fluid in this area does not manifest itself as 'oilspots on the drive' as it is blown back and dispersed onto the rad and the lower engine tray.

Thanks for your input on this, chaps.
Mondeo PAS fluid leak? - henry k
Thank you for updating us.
Interesting to note that the rad is the same sort of price as mine was two years ago.

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