mondeo coolant flush? - telecaster
I want to refill my 2001 mondy td with fresh coolant.

Would someone be kind enough to explain the procedure to me? For instance where is the engine block drain plug? Has the rad got a drainplug? And recommended make/type of coolant?

Thanks in advance!
mondeo coolant flush? - DP
Hi there

The red (organic acid) coolant in recent Fords has a 10 year life. If it's the original coolant, I wouldn't worry about it unless you're draining it as part of another job or the car's playing up in some way.

I've got a 2000 model 120,000 mile Mondeo TD with this coolant in and it's still fine. I pulled a bit of it out of the expansion tank to have a look and it's still a nice translucent colour with no bits floating in it and no sign of contamination.


mondeo coolant flush? - telecaster
Cheers for the reply D.P., reason for changing is all I seem to have in mine is clear coolant!
mondeo coolant flush? - J1mbo
If you buy the coolant from Ford you might be offered "Super Plus" which is purple, but don't worry its ok to use. Don't forget to use deionized water!
mondeo coolant flush? - robcars
If you are buying coolant (as opposed to anti freeze) do not dilute it with any water, its pre mixed.

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