Help with car hunting - Diesal - xlt-hunter

Going alone the lines of hunting out a decent motor now, having owed my little 899cc Fiat Seicento for the last 5 years and its getting 1 step nearer to the scrap yard.

I do quite a sum of miles a year so will be looking for the following:

* A Diesal
* Pref a model reg after April 01 to take advantage of the lower car tax (my little 899cc costs me £110+ a year in tax!!)
* "MUST" have bosch pumps (for the diesal) as I will be going down the green way of life at home, so would be needed for SVO (Veggie Oil)
* Not fussed about extras - just to get to work and back, Im a single guy so won't need a 5 door beast
* Upto £5k - but lower the better

So any thoughts?


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