Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Nsar
I've got a car up there at the moment and have had 3 potential buyers asking me what I'll sell it for an instant deal.

They strike me as being a bit bogus - one says "your car is a cracker" which is a weird thing for a buyer to say to a seller -so I've replied neutrally, saying I'd expect it to go for a bit less than what similar cars go for privately on Autotrader.

Could old hands at selling on Ebay offer any advice please?
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Hamsafar
I think some people are just desperate to get mobile and have cash waiting, repeatedly losing auctions could go on for months, and classifies adverts in the papers aren't as good as they used to be. Some people only get to use a computer a few times a week, that's the impression I have got. As long as they pay cash, I wouldnt care.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Roly93
Watch out for the "I will pay you more than you ,are asking if you agree to ship the car to xxxx" scam. It is very common and you will lose the car and money even if you think things cannot go wrong. Also, I believe on Ebay there is a 'make me an offer' option, which you could use, as its easy to turn down offers you are not interseted in. Finally, you should have set a reserve price that you would not be gutted to receive if you dont get any higher bids.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Roly93
Further to my last, don't be intimidated by people who say that just because the car is on EBAY it should be cheaper than via other methods of sale, after all EBAY allows a much more thorough description of the vehicle.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Billy Whizz
If you have more than 10 feedbacks you can also have a Buy It Now button displayed alongside your auction. By clicking this button a buyer can stop the auction, pay and take the car right away. This will reduce the number of instant deal requests you get. It is very common for sellers to receive instant deal requests.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Pugugly {P}
I had a positive experience a few weeks ago I sold my mate's CBR for him on E-bay. An instant buyer from the other side of the country, he bought for cash on the nose, no problem. I would suggest getting one of them fraud pens to check the notes. I ended up with a pile (kosher as it turns out) fifties...a bit worrying until I got it paid in.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - trancer
Been on ebay for years and I have made direct offers to ebay sellers whether or not they have a buy it now option. The chance of a quick sale tempts some of them.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - nick
I'd let the auction run. If they want it that badly they'll bid. The price usually whizzes up in the last 5 minutes.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Steve318
Sometimes you might find that people know they won't be around a computer at the end of the auction (at work here for example, we have blocked access to ebay cos it was the 2nd most accessed site!)

I always try and make sure an auction is going to end sometime during the day at the weekend for this reason..
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - BogStandard
eBay isn't like a conventional auction. You can just stick down your maximum bid and be done with it. If anyone bids higher, they win. If not, you get it for one increment above the next highest bid.

eg Current bid is £1000. You think the car's worth £2000, and bid this amount. Another bidder puts in £1500. You get the car for £1550.

You don't have to be around at the end of the auction to do this.


Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - Pugugly {P}
If only peopole remembered that,,,,,

I was watching an expandable "vario" inner bag for a BMW pannier. It went right up to the retail price and then shot beyond - mugs. I was also watching a Topbox of the same make with a buy it now price of 2/3rds retail c/w a brand new rack adaptor. That was a bargain.
Questions from "buyers" on Ebay - local yokel
You can also use a snipe tool to bid very late. Puts in a bid at 10 seconds to go, such as

You input your top bid, and at about 15 seconds it looks up the price, and puts in its best effort of a winning bid. Once or twice I've been beaten, but it means you can leave the bid hidden, without someone else running you up.

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