Driving to the UK - Brit_in_Germany
With the kids now being considered old enough, this summer will be the first one where we will drive to the UK. Other than the problem of having a German registration in the aftermath of the World Cup (have to hope that England have at least more success than Germany!) does the BR have any tips on what to look out for nowadays while driving in the UK?

Being on the lookout for speed cameras and being careful to hide all evidence of SatNav from the lowlife come to mind.


Driving to the UK - Xileno {P}
Fill the tank up before you cross the channel.
Driving to the UK - Lud
You will find that 15-car trains doing 130mph down the outside lane of the motorway in heavy rain are rarer here than in Germany. No doubt you will get used to it in time.
Driving to the UK - davemar
Rubbish lane discipline on motorways and dual carriageways. Some drivers will not move from lanes 2 & 3 no matter how clear it is in lane 1. If it is happening in commuting hours it is usually down to bad attitude, otherwise it is usually down to incompetence.

Most towns and cities have exceedingly confusing street parking rules, so unless you are 100% convinced you can park on the street, don't bother or else you'll get clamped or towed away.

Chavs on mopeds. They won't see you, so are likely to swerve all over the road and hit you.

Caravans. If you find yourself on the A303 on a moderately warm day, the traffic will be crawling along stuck behind one (or several thousand) of these white boxes.

Bus lanes are also there to increase congestion and confuse drivers. They usually have particular hours when you can or can't use them, often this isn't clearly signposted, or logically so. They are rarely used by buses, but watch out for taxis and BMWs using them as racetracks.

Roundabouts with traffic lights on them. What a stupid idea.

Driving to the UK - Aretas
Roudabouts with traffic lights are a pain, but are done for a good reason. On larger roundabouts the people on them drive too fast and make it stupidly difficult for newcomers to join.
Driving to the UK - Aretas
What is bliss, compared to Germany, is the relative ease of changing direction if you miss a motorway exit - go to the next exit and reverse your route. In Germany the exits lead to another motorway, then another motorway, and if you have forgotten you map and don't know the local geography you are in a right pickle.
Driving to the UK - local yokel
Do not leave anything visible when you leave the car parked, even if of no value, esp.things that are clues to other items eg phone/GPs cradles, that you have taken with you.
Driving to the UK - Armitage Shanks {p}
London congestion charge might cause you some grief if you go thru London, rather than round it, If you go round it the M25 will cause you grief!
Driving to the UK - Honestjohn
Sudden changes of speed limit.

Elderly drivers totally confused by this who assume an 'all purpose' 40mph.

Elderly drivers who won't overtake trucks and don't leave space between themselves and the truck.

Surprising chivalry. In the Cotswolds on Wednesday at least half a dozen drivers actually helped me to overtake them. One even pulled over to let faster traffic behind him past.

Driving to the UK - NVH
The big shock is roadworks.
Big Big Delays.
The AA roadwatch/travelwatch site turns purple every Friday.
Plan your route carefully and avoid peak times.

...and get the kids to count purple Micras.
Bonus score if they are driving at only 60 in the outside lane.

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