New Child Car Seat Law - drbe
With effect from September 2006 (I understand) the law on child car seats will change.

The new law states that children up to a height of 135cm (4ft. 5in.) or age 12, MUST be carried in a suitable restraint. Previously the law stated that a child will be carried in a suitable restraint WHERE AVAILABLE.

Does anyone know whose responsibility it is to comply with the law - is it the parent or guardian or is it the driver or owner of the vehicle?

This is more than casual interest - I operate an airport car service - who gets prosecuted if the child is not in a proper restraint - me or the parent?
New Child Car Seat Law - Dwight Van Driver
Drivers are legally responsible for making sure that children under 14 years use seat belts or child restraints in cars, goods vehicles and mini-buses. Those 14 years and above are responsible for themselves.

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New Child Car Seat Law - Dipstick
How on earth can that be policed with the provision stated - an exception is made when on "a short and occasional trip, the correct child restraint (is) not available"?

Not that I don't think this is an excellent idea - our five year old needs putting in a dog cage as it is, the little minx.

New Child Car Seat Law - drbe
DVD's very useful link, for me, poses as many questions as it answers.

Taxis are exempt - ok, that makes sense, it is unreasonable to expect a taxi driver to have (different size) child seats, booster cushions or restraints. What about mini-cabs or private hire vehicles, not to mention chauffeur driven cars, stretch limos etc?

No mention is made of mini-cabs and the like in the regulations - so far as I can see.
New Child Car Seat Law - mikeyb
My BIL runs a couple of taxis - he uses a VW sharan for the longer airport runs as it has two integrated child seats which fit children from about 12 months to 12 years. I was so impressed I bought one for my partner - they are good seats, and can convert to a full adult seat really easily. Fantastic idea and one which I do not understand why it has not been adopted by more manufacturers especialy of family cars.
New Child Car Seat Law - Dr Rubber
I asked HMG about this legislation when I first saw it. Good idea, but a pain if you regularly give lifts to under 12's. According to them, if the lift is pre-arranged you need seats, if its spur of the moment, no. So for a mini-cab you probably need a seat. For a taxi, probably not.
All my lifts are not going to be arranged now!
New Child Car Seat Law - turbo11
Guess that means my godson,who is six but very tall for his age(6" taller than his class mates)and his little chums will have to walk,rather than be given the occasional lift in my car.
New Child Car Seat Law - Pugugly {P}
I sat through a 59 page presentation on this, too boring for mere words. It's eurocrat stuff. Driver's responsibility. Imagine an MPV full of the little darlings.....enough of a contraceptive in itself.

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