Car hire in Northern Ireland - VR6
I need to hire a car from Belfast City Airport for 4 days. I will be taking the car into Ireland.

Are there any backroomers who live locally and have a recommendation?

I could get away with a supermini (Ka, Micra) but would prefer something a little larger as I will be drving from Belfast to Donnegall which takes about 2 hours.

From looking at the web, some hire companies charge an extra £20 if you take your car outside N.Ireland.
Car hire in Northern Ireland - Chris S
If you're flying with Flybe then Avis offer preferential rates for all Flybe passengers, or so the stewardesses keep announcing.
Car hire in Northern Ireland - andymc {P}
Whereabouts are you going in Donegal? Could take a bit more than 2 hours, especially if you hit rush hour in Belfast. Sorry I can't help with car hire suggestions, I've never hired one here (or anywhere)! You won't want anything with bouncy suspension for Donegal roads though, in fact I feel a Citroen C5 coming on ...
BTW if your flight isn't booked yet it might be worth investigating arriving at City of Derry Airport or Donegal Airport (airstrip more like!). Ryanair fly into Derry from Stanstead & Nottingham, BA from Glasgow, Liverpool & Manchester, while Aer Arann flys Glasgow to Donegal.

Vroom, vroom - mmm, doughnuts ...
Car hire in Northern Ireland - aaflyer
'Ryanair fly into Derry...'

No, surely you mean Ballykelly Army Base...!

Car hire in Northern Ireland - massey
Unfortunetly due to the high cost of insurance very little 'local' companies are involved in car hire.

One firm Carriageway Cars (East Belfast close to the airport) may be able to offer you a service especially if you can supply your own insurance

Tel no from UK; 028 90652000

Car hire in Northern Ireland - bazza1603

Try Holidayautos or Europcar.

best regards

Car hire in Northern Ireland - VR6
Thanks for the replies.

Unfortuatly I have already booked my flights from Birmingham to Belfast City. From whats been written about the roads I think I will go for a Focus/Astra sized vehicle.

I tried Holiday Autos, but they want a further £40 for taking the car to the Republic of Ireland. (one place wanted £84.60!)

The only place I found which does not charge extra for taking it to the Republic is Avis. They were the most expensive, but when you take the extra charges the others make into account, Avis become the cheapest.

Car hire in Northern Ireland - Roger Jones
I'm probably too late, but I had a perfectly good and cost-effective experience hiring from Dan Dooley on the airport periphery for a week a couple of years ago. And they offered me an upgrade on arrival.
Car hire in Northern Ireland - Armitage Shanks {p}
This link may help - I hope
Car hire in Northern Ireland - duncansand
Try Hertz - I recently hired a Fiesta for £128 for the week from Belfast and they didn't charge any extra to take it to the republic. If you sign up for their Number 1 Club online (its free) you get a promotional code to enter and get a further discount on the rental.
Car hire in Northern Ireland - Gromit {P}
But bear in mind Dan Dooley charge different rates based on whether you hire at the airport or in town. Dublin Airport, at least, is consistently cheaper than Dublin City for the same car!

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