Tax Disc Holder - Greg R

I have a tax disc holder on my motorbike and I just can't work out how to open it and exchange the tax disc. I haven't ever done it before, and tried everything.

Is there a special way of doing this?


Tax Disc Holder - Armitage Shanks {p}
It is probably one where the front/rim unscrews to give access to the tax disc. If you have mounted it somewhere on the side of your bike it has probably got well corroded and won't be easy to open. Maybe remove the whole thing and buy a new one for your new disc?
Tax Disc Holder - Thommo
If its the original one that came with the bike it will be bolted on and have a screw rim like an old fashioned jar and will likely be in a place on the front fork where it can almost be guaranteed to corrode.

Likely you will have to unbolt it and get a new on but that bolt is notoriously a bitch to move as well. Soak the whole thing id WD40 and do it tomorrow.
Tax Disc Holder - Dynamic Dave
Soak the whole thing id WD40....

Or use some proper penetrating fluid, such as PlusGas.
Tax Disc Holder - jc2
I'm glad to see someone else knows what Plus-gas is!!
Tax Disc Holder - sierraman
Or just buy a new one.
Tax Disc Holder - martint123
Bikes often have 'secure' tax disk holders as it's far too easy to nick a disk from a bike. ISTR that some are one-time-only holders.
Tax Disc Holder - L'escargot
>> Soak the whole thing id WD40....
Or use some proper penetrating fluid, such as PlusGas.

Isn't WD40 "proper" , Dynamic?
Tax Disc Holder - jc2
WD40 is a lubricant,Plus-Gas is a penetrant.
Tax Disc Holder - sierraman
It says,on the WD-40 can,'loosens rusted parts'.Make of that what you will.
3 in 1 oil used to say 'free rusted parts'on the can.Once,when buying a can,I said,to the ironmonger,'where are my rusted parts then?'whilst showing him the slogan.Sadly he had no sense of humour,or rusted parts.

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