Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - Freewheel
I know very little about the insides of the engine in my 2000 W reg Renault 1.6 ALIZE Scenic, but it has recently acquired itself a little tappety-tappety whir at tickover which speeds up as you rev. It is inaudible inside the car, and not anything a casual bystander would notice, but I am mildly nervous about this metallic noise. This has only been noticeable in the last 4000 miles.

My question is, having stuck fairly closely to the service intervals, are there any things which should have been done or could be done to remidy this rattle? Or is it the case as my Father's just joked that 'It's a Renault - you're lucky to have got this far and it not blow up.' Slightly unfair, as now we've sorted the coil pack problem with a plastic lid cable-tied to the top of the engine, it's a quiet safe & economical (40mpg) family car.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - bell boy
has it got oil in the engine and has it always had plenty?
Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - Xileno {P}
Possibly manifold gasket, although that's usually more of a ticking noise.
Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - Freewheel
Yes, always been full of oil. We did overrun the last 50k service a little (2-3k? oops, new baby=distraction), but the car only over does town work and a long run at 75-80mph to London three times a year. My wife and I are what you'd class as regular family drivers. I ought to stress that I'm not sure normal people would notice, it's just that I am a bit of a petrolhead, and I listen out for little things like this. My wife would never, ever have noticed. Is there some hydraulic tappets under there? Is there anything that could just need a tweak, or is it a loose camshaft (no idea what I'm talking about really..)
Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - bell boy
Is there some hydraulic tappets under there?

yes the book says they are.
I can only suggest if it is worrying to get a second opinion,its better to find out now before a belt breaks or something, i think you are doing the right thing by being slightly concerned.
Scenic 55k rattle-rattle? - Freewheel
Well, we've sadly already had the alternator belt break, dragging the wiring loom into the spinning alternator wheel. Now that was a nasty bill - £570 or close to it. Always seems to be more expense with a Renault! I'm a bit bemused as to what to replace it with - we may have to live it out as the car has already depreciated heavily. Do quite like the early Multipla's, but does that make me a sucker for punishment!?
Breakdown of servicing required please - Freewheel
Can anyone tell me what the breakdown of work is for on a Scenic at 45k - 55k? Thanks. We had a full service at 45k, and a minor one at 50k, but wondering what's involved...
Breakdown of servicing required please - dieselhead
If it's hydraulic tappets like oldman says it could be that one or more has got gunged up. First try an engine flush and oil change with semi synthetic and if this doesn't work it's time to take off the rocker cover and find the loose tappet.

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