Dekra: Any Help? - wotspur
Previously listed problems with Renault diesel engines,3 required on 2 vehicles, within 3.5 years and less than 60,000 combined miles.
After speaking to the AA, they suggested contacting DEKRA, an independant motoring organisation who will do a report costing £195, on the current knackered engine, 2.2DCI, which I then hope to use against Renault for a total refund on the costs, if not take them to small claims court.
Have you had any dealings with Dekra and was it worthwhile.
Dekra: Any Help? - Allie
I paid them for a pre-purchase inspection and won't be doing it again.

Dekra: Any Help? - wotspur
Thanks for your response, could you elaborate on why you wouldn't use them again.
I'm surprised not to have received more feedback, prehaps others don't know about them, or have used different outlets to overcome problems with motor manufacturers, come people help me out. PLease
Dekra were suggested to me by the AA
Dekra: Any Help? - Dipstick
Have a look at HJ's Useful Websites link

under Used Vehicle Inspections. He recommends another provider.
Dekra: Any Help? - Keith S
I can recommend CT Bratley.

Used them for a paintwork claim against Renault, which ended up in small claims court, and went to my favour.

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