Vauxhall Astra odometer - awil80
I have a vauxhall astra(03)the bulb in the odometer appears to have blown.Does anyone know how I go about replacing the bulb.
odometer - mickyh7
03! Almost new! A good hard bang on the plastic glass has cured many a 'Blown' bulb in the dash, Vauxhall's are renowned for it.
Vauxhall Astra odometer - Dynamic Dave
Here you go:-

NOTE:- whatver you do, DON'T turn on the ignition with the dash clocks removed, otherwise you will have to pay a dealer to have your airbag light reset. I though I had better mention this as I didn't in my original posting.

And this is the bulb you're need:-

Available from 99.9% of motor accessory shops.

Sometimes you can buy the bulb and holder complete, which can be the best way to do it as the bulb wires are often spotwelded to the holder connectors.

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