Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Ben79
Dad's Picasso (1.6 HDI 110) is supposed to have automatically activated hazard lights in commom with most of the Citroen range. They don't work.

The dealer has said that they have several cars not doing this, including a C4 and C8, has anybody else had problems with hazard lights not activating in the event of hard braking?
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - NVH
Speaking from personal experience, they definitely DO work on the C5. Under VERY HARD braking.
[wondered what that clicking noise was...]
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Chas{P}
Works when I've tried it once on a 206. You have to very quickly bang the brake pedal down hard and hold it there.

NB Make sure you try it on an empty road.


Was Charles {P} but someone c o p i e d my name with spaces.
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Bill Payer
I just Googled for this, and words like 'severe' and 'prolonged' come up.
I imagine it's probably quite hard to replicate the circumstances that activate the hazard lights. Probably from 70MPH on a wet motorway, if you stood on the brakes so the ABS kicked in, then the hazards would work fine.
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - jc2
I don't know about Citroens(I've only owned a 2CV)but to get the ABS to work on a Granada which had it fitted as standard,you had to hit the pedal as hard as you could-I think there is a considerable difference between very hard braking and emergency braking.
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Zippy123
Hazards on a moving car are, as I understand it, are illegal.
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Ian G
From www.highwaycode.gov.uk

96: Hazard warning lights. These may be used when your vehicle is stationary, to warn that it is temporarily obstructing traffic. Never use them as an excuse for dangerous or illegal parking. You MUST NOT use hazard warning lights whilst driving unless you are on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway and you need to warn drivers behind you of a hazard or obstruction ahead. Only use them for long enough to ensure that your warning has been observed.

A "hazard" is subjective, but I guess emergency stopping your own vehicle would qualify.

Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - bell boy
Hazards on a moving car are, as I understand it, are

if you have ever come across stopped motorway traffic as you are baring down then even if it was illegal to use your hazards i would to warn the people behind,this is why it is now statute ,because people like me ignored the law at the time and used them. They were seen as a safety thing and accepted for a good use rather than popping into shops for a packet of fags
Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Mondaywoe
I think in 4 years I've only seen my C5 do this twice. The first time, strangely enough, was only the week after I bought the car - a young deer popped out in front of me - I hit the brakes in an attempt to avoid any 'deer' damage to the car ;-)

The car stopped - I mean stopped! The hazards came on and the beastie in question scurried off to mummy deer unscathed!

The car senses the speed with which you hit the pedal and only really reacts in what might be termed 'genuine emergency situations'.

Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Quinny100
I believe this function is activated with the Emergency Brake Assistance (EBA). This is quite difficult to induce manually because it measures the speed you depress the pedal, not how hard. A reflex action will always be faster than when you're thinking about it. EBA will apply maximum brake force and won't disengage immediately, even if you release the pedal. Its also only active above a certain speed.

I've managed to activate the hazard lights in a 2002 Xsara and 2003 C5.

I'm not sure how much use it is though - to anyone following close behind they'll have either responded to the brake lights or run into the back of you already before they notice the haszard lights, and anyone further back will have seen brake lights and hopefully started to slow down.

Picasso, C4 and C8 emergency braking - Ben79
I have a C5 and have driven several C2 and C3 with emergency brake assistance and hazard light activation, the easiest way to activate them is to press the accelerator hard, then to hit the brake very quickly. You don't need to brake very very hard, just quick and moderate pressure is enough.

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