Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - smokescreen

I've just secured an industrial placement (unix/solaris/oracle/db2 database stuff, not much MS :-) ).

However, its based just 1/2mile from the city center in Durham, about 40 mile roundtrip overall.

Sat Nav (tomtom)takes me on A1 for a while then another A road which seems ok during the day and evening. I live about 1 mile from a1.

I'm from Coventry originally, so I was wondering does anyone do this route and are there any suggestions? Best I set off at 7am?

Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - Citroënian {P}

Where in Newcastle are you coming from and where in Durham are you trying to get to? I did the daily journey from Jesmond to Durham for six years so know the area pretty well.

The A1 is very busy in the morning - I used to sometimes go via the Gateshead Stadium and join the A1 at Washington.

The route it describes I think means the A1 down to the A690 and I'm guessing you're working in Belmont or thereabouts.

Get back with some detail and I'll try to work it out

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Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - smokescreen
Hi Citroënian ,

I live in Arthurs Hill, about 2mins drive from Newcastle Football ground. I need to get close to Akleys Heads, its only a couple of mins from there on.

I think I know what you mean about Gateshead Stadium joining the A1 at Washington. I'll bare that in mind and give it a test try a few days before placement starts.

And yes your right, thats the route TomTom is suggesting.

Thanks for the advice so far!
Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - Citroënian {P}
Hi SS,

2 mins from St James....It's a crime. Takes me 2 hours to get there these days, and that's without traffic... :-(

Great, great city newcastle. Anyhow.

I'd head straight past St James and onto the Redheugh bridge then down the A1. If the traffic is bad there (I mean heading to the bypass), I'd come off the A184, up Cuthbert street - turn right at the top and left onto Rectory road towards Saltwell park. Then take West park road past the Crem, past what used to be Breckenbeds school and up towards Allerdene. The road goes under Durham Road, take this towards the Angel and you join the A1 near the Angel/Birtley turn.

Then take the Chester-le-street turn off as Aykley Heads is nearer Framwellgate Moor than the other side of the city - Follow the 167 towards Darlington and take the exit towards what used to be Dryburn hospital - County Hall is down there anyway.

Mightn't be the most obvious drive but should be pretty quiet and will miss the queues on the Western bypass if you need too.

Ha'way the lads!!

Lee -- There\'s no place like
Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - bell boy
Thats the way i used to do it in the eighties,so some things dont change and its a better route into durham,i only ever got one parking ticket in my life and that was durham as well.
Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - smokescreen
Hi Citroënian,

Newcastle is a fantastic city, think I'm staying put for a good few years myself, so long as I can find decent jobs around here.

Great stuff there! Suprisingly a lot of it registered. Durham Road is where Computer Orbit is? I've taken the back path there before as you've mentioned above. ]

I'll give this a few test runs beforehand, as I need to meet the team before starting soon anyhow :-)

Much appreciated! One less car sitting in queue I hope :-)

Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - Citroënian {P}
I think Computer Orbit is what used to be Rileys Snooker in Deckham (Old Durham Road). No, I'm thinking of heading around the bottom of Saltwell park, almost back to the Team Valley but running parallel to it joining the A1 further up - if you check out an A-Z you'll see what I mean. Added bonus that if you save enough time you could feed the ducks on the way in!

If you're studying IT and looking to stay in the North East, I know Northern Rock (Regents Centre, Gosforth) are taking a lot of people on...although they do work with some VB stuff...

Always best to avoid the queues I think, hope you find the traffic light on your test runs!


Lee -- There\'s no place like
Newcastle to Durham in the morning? - smokescreen
Thanks for making that clear. I dont mind .net although VB is a no no :-)

Most likely wont find traffic light, going to make it realistic and do a practise run in the morning. Yes, this student does get up before 1pm :-p

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