1997 vw mk3 1.9 tdi - adam f
yesterday whilst driving a big cloud of black smoke came out the exhaust. Drove the 2 miles home and left it until this morning. Started it up at 5am for work, and the engine started to 'jump'. Got home this evening and started it up again, all seemed ok for a minute and then the engine started to jump again. Tried to take for a drive and it cut out, after about 2 meters it cut out.
Started it straight up and a huge cloud of white smoke came out the exhaust, then cut out.
Repeated a couple more times and same happened
RAC came out,had a fiddle and he thinks its a possibble turbo seal. He has strongly advised not to start it up again and definitly not to drive it.
REPORT SHEET- white smoke from exhaust and engine over revs without throttle.
Anyone had same problem.Any ideas of costs?

1997 vw mk3 1.9 tdi - mss1tw
I'm purely guessing here, but:

White smoke means either steam or un/part burnt diesel (Anyone who's pulled the decompressor on a dumper truck to turn it off while know what I mean!).

Black smoke would mean oil or running too rich.

I imagine it might even be a dodgy piston ring if he means it revs itself - it's burning its own engine oil (possibly)

Definitely sounds more like a turbo seal though...

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