Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - geebee
Hi all,
Hope someone can shed some light on a problem with my Carina 2 which has got steadily worse and finally the car today packed up altogether...It started out as a small problem after driving the car for 10/15 mins in the morning, at lights or junctions as I pulled away it would hesitate, splutter a little then carry on did it once, maybe twice then never again til the next day. It then started to hesitate occasionally whilst driving in traffic..just for a couple of seconds after 10/15 mins again..never stalled but just managed to keep going. This got worse until it did stall at lights as I went to pull away, or if I was in slow traffic it just spluttered to a stall. It always started again and generally carried on fine afterwards. It never, to my memory did it again that day on the way home from work in the evening, only after 10/15 mins driving in the morning. Today however, it started first time as usual, autochoke came in fine and it ticked over fine, no misfire or bad timimg etc, but as soon as i put it in drive, and touch the accelerator it splutters, and dies...maybe travels a few feet at the most. It was a lot more difficult to get it started again aswell...finaly when it did go, again it ticked over fine, no misfire or anything, but dies as soon as drive is engaged and accelerator is pressed. Hope someone has an idea...its an old car but so easy and comfortable to drive, and until now very reliable.

Regards, and thanks in advance for any help. Graeme.
Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - josjim
I had a similar problem with my Carina 2 at about 60K miles. The problem was the plug leads which are in a tube down through the head. One had a tiny hole burned through it,I replaced it and it was fine for a couple of months then it re occurred changing the other 3 cured it completely.The were about £10 each.I hope it is no more than that
Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - Aprilia
This hardly sounds like a 'nightmare'. Its a fairly well-made low-tech car. My guesses would be (i) HT failure (as mentioned above) (ii) fuel starvation (blocked carb jet or needle valve).
Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - neil
If this is happening at low revs, and if by 'tickling' the accellerator you can get it to hiccup its way over 2000 revs and it then pulls cleanly (but hiccups again if you let the revs drop) it might be the same as happened to mine - the carbon contact in the centre of the distributor cap had worn and burnt to a level where sparks were a bit random. It is possible, if you're careful, to swap the centre contact with the identical one slightly offset, which isn't rotated against, if that makes sense - worth trying, and if it cures or alters the fault buy a new cap (they're more than you'd expect,IIRC, but only a few pounds)

Hope that helps - as Aprilia says, can only really be ignition or fuel starvation - and I'd be inclined towards ignition!
Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - piston power
usually a good service and all these things should be picked up!!
Carina 2 Auto Nightmare..Please Help! - geebee
Thanks everyone for the suggestions....have been away for a day or two which is why its taken a while to reply...Im off today so Im going to try the plug leads and distributor cap as suggested, and see what happens....thanks again for the suggestions. I guess "nightmare" was a bit dramatic, but when it suddenly means no transport, its certainly more than a little annoying.

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