C5 broken seat bracket - NVH
Problem: C5 on 51 plate. Driver's seat has height adjustment.
Seat bracket has snapped. Looks like a simple sheet metal bracket.
Dealer quote £550 to supply & fit a new sub-frame/chassis.
( Plus VAT ? - I didn't even ask!)

Any tips on either:
1. Reasonable price/source for a complete new seat with armrest ?
(Car has 90k and I expect another 60k+)
2. Can the bracket be welded ?

Current locations: postcodes HP WD NE
C5 broken seat bracket - geoff1248
Give a couple of breakers a ring and save yourself a load of cash.
C5 broken seat bracket - bell boy
last time i welded a seat up i set it on fire and i was being very careful with the fairy liquid bottle extinguisher.
As geoff1248 has said a breaker is your best option,just bare in mind that the seat will have come out of a crashed car so confirm its not been twisted in the accident before you buy one .
C5 broken seat bracket - George Porge
Airbags in the seats? Something else to look out for if going the use route
C5 broken seat bracket - NVH
Airbag - good point. Hadn't thought of that. There is a side protection airbag built in.
C5 broken seat bracket - NVH
If the seat from the scrappy is ripped etc, is it possible / cost effective to reclaim the seat frame/chassis ?
Might also help with the upholstery match.
C5 broken seat bracket - George Porge
If this was mine I'd strip the seat base and get it rewelded. I've not done a seat with air bags, but stripping the seat base and refitting could easily be done in an hour of your time. Take advice on the airbag for your own safety.
C5 broken seat bracket - NVH
Thanks dox.
Will try breakers for a matching seat if possible, preferably with airbag functioning.

I see a weld as a short-term fix, as the LH bracket has snapped, and the RH bracket may have been taking the strain for some time, so would also need a fix.
It's not brilliant driving round with the seat in the lowest setting!

Not sure why it happened. I'm not a heavyweight.
Only thing is I now do a lot of side roads in rural Bucks which create a lot of lateral movement. I thought it was just me, but saw a Beemer bounce sideways on Thursday in front of me.
C5 broken seat bracket - George Porge
Having yours rewelded would make it better than new if you have it seam welded
Citroen broken seat bracket - NVH
Update : I still haven't fixed the seat, but found this posting today on the Sunday Mirror website

PS has owned a 52-plate Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi Exclusive from new. A month ago he was driving at around 60 mph when the driver's seat collapsed.... His Citroen garage said the seat mounting bolts had sheared away. Citroen were asked for a goodwill gesture towards the £618 repair, but refused. Paul feels this is a potentially lethal design fault that Citroen should look into.

QUENTIN SAYS: I'M truly surprised Citroen haven't given you something towards the repair. This is a very serious safety issue which, if proven common to Picassos, would necessitate a massive recall. I'm not aware of an epidemic of seats coming away, but if you can prove a manufacturing or design defect, you are entitled to have the repair paid for by Citroen. Contact VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (0870 6060440 or vosa.gov.uk). I'm sure they'll be interested.
Citroen broken seat bracket - LeePower
On all the Peugeot / Citroen cars ive looked at over the years the seat base can be un bolted from the rest of the seat ( the bit you sit on ) by undoing 4 bolts, uncliping the ends of the cloth trim & then lifting it off.

Once the seat is out the car they are very easy to split into the 2 parts.
Citroen broken seat bracket - BB
If you are comfortable with getting the seat out, take it out and have a look at the problem. Does it look like the bracket has sheared or does it look like a tube has sheared? Is it a clean break straight down the weld?

If the weld has failed, it can be stripped, grinded and re-welded. If a component of the seat has failed, best to buy a seat from the scrapyard (if Citroen wont pay towards relacement.)

As your car was a 51 and the other car you mentioned was a 52 plate, I fear it is a broken component rather than a broken weld.
Citroen broken seat bracket - NVH
It's both. Clearly visible using a torch and mirror !
My guess is the bolt has sheared and then the bracket has snapped at the weld - a clean break and definitely weldable. The bolt has that lovely oxidation / corrosion look about it...
I'm trying to source the right parts at the minute, but there aren't too many C5s at the breakers.
It's pencilled in for 4 weeks time along with a service, so still some time to go.

Part of the problem may lie in the seat design.
The height adjustment lever is on the outside, flush with the edge of the seat, and it's easy to sit on the lever with almost full body weight when you exit the car.
Citroen broken seat bracket - BB
Best way forward I think is to contact Citroen UK and VOSA. A description of the condition and a request for Citroen to correct the fault is reasonable. Try and look on Citroen forums to see how many cars have suffered from the same fault and what they did to fix repair.

My feeling is that Citroen will deny all responsibility, but you must report the problem so you are officially a statistic.

Citroen broken seat bracket - Ben79
Can you drive with the seat at its lowest setting?

I'm 6'3 and have to have the seat set to "4 pulls of the lever" up.

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