Aerial + Carwash - Rudedog
My car has the 'beesting' aerial that's fitted to alot of cars these days, the main dealer told me that they can easily go through a car wash and that they bend to accomodate the brushes, I'm not convinced and take mine off before hand, does anyone leave their aerial on?
Aerial + Carwash - mrmender
NO i always unscrew mine
Aerial + Carwash - Adam {P}
I always leave it on.
Aerial + Carwash - bell boy
i always take them off in case the car wash wipes too close
This would rip the roof and as stated on all garage forecourts arials must be removed or retracted so you would have no comeback.............and no music/news
Aerial + Carwash - bell boy
Aerial ---------EVEN :( wish i cud spel
Aerial + Carwash - Stuartli
It's so quick and simple to remove and replace a beesting aerial that it's not worth the risk of leaving it on...:-)

But they are certainly not indestructable. Mine is nearly six years old and the small number of frosts we had over the winter have caused a crack in the rubber sleeve of the aerial and also the aerial base's sealing ring.

Neither fortunately haven't, so far, affected reception in any way.
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Aerial + Carwash - henry k
It's so quick and simple to remove and replace the aerial that it's not worth the risk of leaving it on
But they are certainly not indestructable.

I replaced a Yaris aerial last year IIRC £16+ .
I found it still screwed in but flat on the roof.
It had not been in a car wash. I suspect it was either scroat direct damage or maybe swopped.
Aerial + Carwash - Chad.R
If it's on the first series Yaris ("normal" type roof aerial at front) then its adjustable and you can lay it flat against the roof if necessary. The later facelift Yaris (2002 on?) had a bee-sting type aerial on the rear of the roof.
Aerial + Carwash - Tim Allcott
If you go through a car wash where you are pulled through on a conveyor system (i.e. brushess travel in one direction ONLY) you're O.K. if you go through one where brushes travel front to back and then back to front, take it off.
Aerial + Carwash - Altea Ego
Dont put the car in a car wash

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Aerial + Carwash - L'escargot
I always leave mine on ~ in fact I apply Loctite Screwlock to the thread to make sure it never comes unscrewed. Carwash? ~ asking for trouble anyway. You never know whether there's someone else's aerial entangled in the brushes!
Aerial + Carwash - jc2
I put Loctite on mine but I had to remove it as I found it reduced LW reception;I had to clean the threads on both the mounting and aerial to get a good signal back.
Aerial + Carwash - Happy Blue!
Ah! A TMS listener?
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
Aerial + Carwash - doctorchris
I actually apply Copaslip to the threads to prevent corrosion and enhance electrical conductivity, but thay's enough of my sex life!
Aerial + Carwash - Stuartli
Petroleum jelly can also be used; keeps my battery terminals in good nick and I've used it for this purpose for many years.
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Aerial + Carwash - Zippy123
Oi TVM your car has not even got an external aerial! ;-)

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