VW Van T3 - problem to front wheels - Noku
My VW Van T3 (1987 make) made recently a metallic squeaky noise in connection with a 'klong-klong' sound. This happened especially when turning right. But what puzzled me most was that one moment the brake pedal could be fully pushed without any resistance (and little breaking action), but would come back on normally after a couple of meters drive. Not sure what could be wrong, I cancelled my trip and returned carefully back home.
Any thoughts what might be wrong?

Also: any reliable suggestions where to get this problem repaired in the West London area?

Many thanks in advance,
VW Van T3 - problem to front wheels - none
Probably a wheel bearing gone. Assuming that it's a disc braked wheel, the excess play allows the disc to push the caliper pistons back into the caliper, hence the need for pumping the brake pedal - it pumps the pistons out again !
VW Van T3 - problem to front wheels - Noku
I just got a feedback from the VW garage:
ball bearing gone including the sub-axel. Some £700 in total to get it done plus some 10 days waiting time for parts.

I guess that's the price for an old car...
VW Van T3 - problem to front wheels - George Porge
On a vehicle of that age I'd be looking for a second hand assembly. £700 ouch!
VW Van T3 - problem to front wheels - TurboD
Rip off , I am afraid
i owned one of these for 18 years. The wheel bearings are adjustable on the front and one probaly worked loose.
The bearings are in the discs. The oarts are now cheap from a main dealer or GSF, simple to work on too.
My last discs were £28 each , bearings around £15 , stib axle wouild be dearer but get one froma breaker. Get onto specialist web pages
try www.club80-90.co.uk
these will help to keep you from being ripped off big time
Hope it's not too late!


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