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Iam buying a car which was first registered in ireland december 2001 but when i ran an hpi check it says it was registerd in England in april 2002, how can i find any previos records for this car? Is this a safe car or a common occurance.
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there might be a good reason it was only in northern ireland for 4 months but it may be hiding a serious bump,suggest unless you do a full inspection you leave it
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I have a similar issue...
An Irish-spec Opel for sale in England.
The owner says on the phone he has owned it for 3* years and the previous owner was an OAP.
When I did an HPI check, it said it has 1 previous owner, was first registered 9 Dec 2001* and current owner registered 16 Dec 2001*. It major discrepancy? or do DVLA backdate/guess the details if it was originally on Irish plates? There is nothing on the 'changed plates' section and it comes up as an Opel as expected, not Vauxhall.

*Dates changed to prevent naming and shaming etc....
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If the car has come from NI then it is traceable quite easily.
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The Opel you're looking at must have been supplied from the Republic (GM persist in selling their cars as Vauxhaul in the UK and Opel in all other European markets).

The discrepancy between the registration dates of (to use your examples) 9th December for first registration and 16th December for registration to the current owner may have arisen because the car would have been registered in Ireland on the day of sale. The buyer would have to import it to the UK on its Irish plate, then re-register it with the DVLA.

If this is the case, he should have the receipt for purchase of the car, the original registration document and a third document declaring that the car has been exported from Ireland. All three are issued by the Department of the Environment and, in all three cases, the Department should also have a record of them.

angelaclairetwins, was the car you are asking about first registered in NI or the Republic? If the latter, there are three possibilities:
1) It was a demonstratator (unlikely with a December plate, new models come out early in the year)
2) It was pre-registered by the dealer at the year's end and sold at a discount (was it sitting on a forecourt until April, or used as a loan car?)
3) It was bought as nearly-new by the last owner who imported it into the UK.

As in Ashok's case, the registration documents from Ireland should be available and there is no legitimate reason that I can think of why there should be discrepancies between these and the DVLA's records.

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