Vectra 98 indicators - HLyon
I came home yesterday to find that my indicators had been on all day. Not flashing but lit both sides, front and back.

When the engine starts they go out, switch engine off they come back on. I've pulled the indicator relays (as they were easiest to find) to stop the battery going flat, I hope.

Even with the indicator relays pulled, the green indicator light on the dash is still lit (not flashing).

I'm going to play about with it tonight. I plan to pull the hazard switch and failing that I'm going to try unplugging the Alarm/Central locking control unit in the foot well.

Anyone else got any great ideas?
Vectra 98 indicators - Dynamic Dave
In another forum I read, someone had a similar problem. Turned out to be moisture in the alarm control box which is behind the glovebox. Caused by a blocked scuttle drain on the bulkhead.
Vectra 98 indicators - HLyon
Pulled out the Hazard Switch but this made no difference.

I found the alarm control unit in drivers footwell. Pulled the plug nearest me and the alarm sounded. Once the alarm stopped I discovered that the lights had went out. However when I pulled out the second plug the lights came back on again.

So I had completely removed the alarm control unit from the car but the indicators were still on. However plug it half in and the lights go out.

I'm more confused now.
Vectra 98 indicators stay on - HLyon
I went out in the car later last night, the alarm control unit had one plug disconnected and I'd put the indicator relays back in. The car appeared to work normally (apart from having no alarm and no central locking.

When I got home I looked out the window and found that the indicators were back on again. I've plugged the alarm/central locking unit back in (setting off the horn and siren) and just removed the indicator relays again.

I'm starting to think that the lights being on might be a way of the alarm signalling that something is wrong. There's nothing in the handbook or manual to back that up tho.

Pulling the relays seems to be a workaround but I'll need to fix it. Not sure how long the battery will last with the dash light for the indicators on.
Vectra 98 indicators stay on - Dynamic Dave
Until someone else comes along with some suggestions, you could try asking over on (or as it's now called). It's a dedicated Vauxhall forum, and I'm *sure* someone will be able to help.
Vectra 98 indicators stay on - HLyon
I'd read a few items that suggested moisture in the control unit and had had some wet weather. A few dry days later, and the indicators went back to normal.

I sprayed the unit and the plugs in WD40 reassembled and haven't had any problems since, and we've had plenty of rain since then. Not sure if the WD40 helped or not but it's been fine to date.
Vectra 98 indicators stay on - SpamCan61 {P}
Thanks for the follow up, always good to know the end of the story. There's nothing worse than searching the archive, finding a problem that exactly matches your own, and then reading the thread & realising thre was never a conclusion.

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