VW Passat Cambelt tensioner ADR - bk.bas
I am trying to fit a new cam belt to my 1.8 20V Passat. After much struggling, rounded hex nuts etc I have managed to remove the crank pulley and outer timing belt cover, but now I cannot compress the tensioner. It is the piston type, which is supposed to be compressed by putting an 8MM hex key in the tension roller and, according to the Haynes book, apply steady pressure in an anti-clockwise direction until the piston is compressed, then put a 2mm drill (or similar) into the hole. Well I can't get it to shift, even with lots of pressure. Am I missing something, doing something wrong...any help or recommendations would be very welcome. It says that it needs to be >30 degrees c. I have tried warming the piston holder with a hot air gun a bit....should I heat it more or is there some other trick?
VW Passat Cambelt tensioner ADR - tonyglover9
if its the one i am thinking about you have to put pressure on but give it time to move. it does very slowly.
VW Passat Cambelt tensioner ADR - bk.bas
thanks, in the end I took it off and compressed it slowly with a hot air gun and a g-clamp. Hope it will spring back when I remove the 2mm bit that's holding it in place now!
VW Passat Cambelt tensioner ADR - bell boy
apparently the temperature has to be above 30degrees c for this to move so you are on the right track

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