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Frequency of Passat cambelt change - Halmer
Just had my 4 year old 32,000 miles VW (2.0 ltr, 8v, 115bhp petrol) serviced and was told that the cambelt should be renewed.

The VW dealer quoted a discounted £300 to do the job.

The chap advised me that it needed doing per the book but given the mileage it could wait another twelve months to which I agreed.

I noticed in yesterday's telegraph, however, that HJ advised that the 1.4 and 1.6 16V VW engine cambelts should always be changed at least every four years because the 'rollers' deteriorate.

Does this apply to the 2.0 8v engine also please and should I book it in?
Frequency of Passat cambelt change - MW
I would change it, and make sure that ALL the pulleys etc are changed. Then you will have 4 years of no worries, and can sleep at night. If it goes, it = about £1,200+??
Frequency of Passat cambelt change - vwman01
Afternoon all
I have a 2003 Passat 2L S 130bhp with 48k on the clock, its been serviced by the main dealer throughout and the next service sticker states that the cambelt should be changed at 80k miles does that sound right or should I be worried........
Frequency of Passat cambelt change - Dynamic Dave
Read the following thread, then decide.

Frequency of Passat cambelt change - vwman01
Bit of an update, I have just left the VW main dealer in my area and was told by the service manager that the cambelt change is due either at 4 years or 80k miles (130bph petrol engines)
We had a chat about the confusion about the change and out came the manual/guidelines which he very kindly gave me a copy of.
I asked him if there had been any updates about a shorter period in changing the belt and he said No, he even checked the weekly bulletins for me.
Not being mechanically minded, he assured me that when the car is serviced they check the cambelt as a matter of course.
Having said that I have no idea if they can.
Hope this helps some of you.
Frequency of Passat cambelt change - chewer1
My Vento has the same engine which has an all metal belt tensioner and the belt only drives the cam. I read all of the previous thread with interest and it would appear that the reduced mileage change does not apply to this engine - or have I missed something ?
Frequency of Passat cambelt change - bk.bas
Suggest you see my thread regarding this matter. My 1.8 20V ADR cambelt went at 72K miles. I went to VW to complain that it was'nt supposed to be changed until 80K, they said that it had now been changed to 60K. They wanted £1800 just to look...if the pistons were damagaed then "probally double that". I am doing it myself, and once the car is back on the road I will be selling it. Until VAG can sort out its service interval mess and appaling customer service I certainly wouldn't have another

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