Almera vibration problem - BMDUBYA
Car: Almera 2002
Problem: Steering wheel shakes/moves/vibrates in a clockwise/anticlockwise fashion. Wheels balanced, new tyres on back (continental) and front(goodyear), back wheels swapped to front and front to back, still happens.

basically the wheel shakes/vibrates clockwise and then anticlockwise, always seems to be worse after braking shakes worse at speed but noticible at 30/40. Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Almera vibration problem - Peter D
Are you sure you have not got a shot front wheel bearing or a failed steering ball joint. Regards Peter
Almera vibration problem - BMDUBYA
Peter, thanks for that, no I'm not sure, it has passed it's MOT, so if it was a wheel bearing/ ball joint failure would this have been picked up? If a wheel bearing is on its way out, doesn't it make a noise? There is no unusual noise. Maybe you have somthing on the ball joint??? How can I tell?

Almera vibration problem - Statistical outlier
Drive shafts? Had similar symptoms years ago which were cured instantly with a new offside drive shaft.
Almera vibration problem - RichardW
Yes, sounds to me like one of the CV joints might be goosed. If you jack it up and rotate the wheels you might see one of the osciallating as the CV joints binds up.

I'm wondering if vibes I have on my Xantia at the moment are due to the same fault...


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Almera vibration problem - BMDUBYA
Hi All

Many thanks for the suggestions to the above problem, however I thought I would let you know how things faired. After many, many trips to my local Nissan main dealer, touch wood, the problem has been resolved. After intensive checks by main dealer, who incidentally called the Nissan trouble shooter chap down, it turns out that there was dirt on the face of the wheel hub, which was causing the wheel to not fit properly - bizarre, you bet, but it was claened and things seem to be better for the moment. The main dealer was very thorough, and checked geometry of the car and many other things suggested by Nissan.

OK I would just like to recommend the garage Nissan Main Dealer in Weston Super Mare, many thanks for the perseverance of the service manager.

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