Window screens - Steve Kent
After I have taken my car to a car wash,yes I know I'm lazy!, the windowscreen is coated with wax and smears whenever the wipers are used. Do you know of anything that I can use, either in my washer bottle or to wash it with, that will get rid of it and stop the smearing.
RE: Window screens - Cliff Pope
In my experience it is very important not to clean a windscreen too well! I gave mine a thorough clean a few months ago, using proper stuff for removing flies, smears, etc, and now I can't stop the wipers sqawking. I have tried everything, even fitting new blades and arms. It is getting worse rather than better, and the only thing left to do is replace the glass. A bit drastic, but has anyone else ever experienced this?
Cliff Pope
RE: Window screens - Nigel Thomas
This is one suggestion. Use a water and vineger solution and use a new clean sponge or cloth. The vinegar will remove any dirt and grime and then evaporate !!
RE: Window screens - Martyn
Cliff, I had the same problem. It was cured when I put the car through the automatic carwash on a Gold Wash programme (the one that includes wax in the water). The driers baked on a very fine surface of wax -- not enough to interfere with vision but enough to "polish" the screen, thus stopping the squawking noise.
RE: Window screens (How to clean) - Mike Humpherson
If you have a dishwasher, the best way of getting wax and grease off the screen
is to use a spoonful of dishwasher powder dissolved in a cupful of very hot water.
Use this on some kitchen towel to scrub the screen, leave it on the screen for
half an hour or so, then rinse off thoroughly with a hose or watering can. I am
careful not to get any on the paintwork, as I suspect it would damage the paint.
Also, avoid getting too much of it on your skin or clothes, and especially avoid
splashing it in your eyes.

This method is the only way I have yet found of removing the grease that builds
up on the screen on a long motorway run.( I think it may be unburnt diesel from
truck exhausts, anybody else know what it is?)

Mike Humpherson.