2000 heater only blowing hot air - gmw
i own a w reg ford fiesta and the heater is only blowing out hot air, i have two questions
1 is it the heater part under bonnet
2 is it the dial i turn, if it is the dial i would like to try and do it myself but cant see how to get the panel off to look at it
i would be grateful for any help
thank you

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ford fiesta fan - Screwloose

The usual reason for this problem is failure of the electrically-controlled water valve that lives under a black plastic cover on the bulkhead.

They're fairly easy to change and around £40 from Ford.
ford fiesta fan - markengland
This is a copy of my answer on a similar post - I had the same problem with my Fiesta except mine would only blow out cold air (from what I have heard this is the more common problem):

I had the same thing happen on my 1996 1.8 Fiesta. It's more than likely to be the heater valve. It is a common failed part on Fiestas. There are some on ebay but for what they cost you are better buying a genuine Ford one from a main dealer. Mine was about £25 plus VAT from local Ford dealer. It is about a 20 minute job. From memory, the only tools you need are some hose clamps (or a couple of pairs of pliers but be prepared to lose some engine coolant). The heater valve is in the engine bay, along the bulkhead, somewhere between the halfway point and the right hand side of the engine as you are looking down. Clamp the hoses shut (think there are 4), undo the jubilee clips and then replace the valve. You shouldn't lose too much coolant but just check your water levels when you have finished the job. Run the car for 10 minutes to let the engine warm and to allow the coolant to circulate, then check the water level again. Hope this helps.
ford fiesta fan - van man
before replacing the heater valve just check that the hot/cold dial is actually working and is connected? its not uncommon for the heater panel to fault on these costing about £60.if the controls are all connected and your sure that its o.k i would definately go for the heater valve situated on the bulkhead you cant miss it there will be two pipes in and two pipes coming out of valve,if you change it i would run vehicle untill fan cuts in eliminateing any airlocks leaving cap loose so air can escape (dont forget to tighten cap when your done)
ford fiesta fan - cam84
I recently replaced the heater coolant valve on my 2002 fiesta 1.25 (old shape) as the heater was stuck on hot, this cured this problem but since then the cooling fan comes on continually even on very short journeys. The temp gauage shows temp is normal and prior to replacing the valve the engine cooling fan very rarely cut in. Is it possible that I was sold an incorrect valve, as I have had difficulties when ordering parts as it is assummed that my car is a new shape fiesta when you state the year of manufacture.

Grateful for any suggestions

Thank You
ford fiesta fan - MorrisDavies

I have traced the problem to the heater dial (put 12v on the valve under the hood and it went ftom hot to always hot to cold therefore the current isn't getting to the valaue from the dial). My question is how to get to the back of the heater dial panel?

ford fiesta fan - bell boy
get your new one and compare
(ps cant remember take the radio out with your din pins and you will probably see some retaining screws)