Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Gill_J
Hi there. I have a 1989 (G reg) Ford Sierra Ghia I which is misfiring & stalling badly - sometimes! Other times it runs beautifully. It's done over 150,000 miles, a lot of which has been in short trips (under 5 miles), so maybe I'm asking too much but does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? (It's not the ICV cos that was replaced recently to no effect - my garage doesn't seem to know what else to try).
BTW it's been adjusted to run on unleaded.
I love my car - please help me to fix it!!
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Quicksilver
I used to have a 1987 2.0EFi GLS lease car. It once had similar problems and was traced to the fuel filter which had never been replaced, (should have been done every 24k miles but actually was replaced at 66k!). Make sure this is renewed. If not the filter it could be the electric fuel pump which was also suspect on my car but was later eliminated after one day at the main dealer.

Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Gill_J
Thanx Q, will give it a try.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Screwloose

Can you expand on the circumstances of this misfiring; hot, cold, uphill, starting from rest - that sort of thing. Presumably this is the DOHC 2-ltr EFi - yes?

Does it use any water? Has anyone tried to read the fault-codes in the ECU's memory? How old are the plugs and HT leads? Any sign of tracking inside the distributor cap? Any hissing from the brake servo? Any info you can provide on those questions will help a lot.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Gill_J
Hi. Thanx for your response.
To answer your questions:
Circumstances are completely erratic, doesn't seem to be any pattern to it at all. Sometimes it runs like a dream.
Sorry but I don't know if it's the DOHC 2-ltr EFi. As I said, it's a Ford Sierra Ghia I (2L petrol engine, adjusted for unleaded).
It doesn't seem to be using water, if by that you mean the level's dropping.
I don't know if the fault-codes have been read (I'll ask my garage).
It was serviced just over a year ago so I assume the plugs & leads were checked and/or replaced then.
Can't give any answer re tracking inside the distributor cap - again, I'll ask the garage.
Brake servo hissing - not sure exactly what you mean but there is always a slight hiss when driving. The rear brakes failed & were replaced last year.
Thanx again for your input, hope this makes it clearer.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - cheddar
1989 should be the DOHC, the last Pinto Sierras were 88 models IIRC.

What petrol do you use, does the way the car runs vary with where you fill up? Try a tankful of BP Ultimate or Shell Optimax, the car may have been adjusted for unleaded though may run better on higher octane u/l petrol.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Gill_J
Hi. I use Total fuel: I'll give Shell a try! Thanx for the tip.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Civic8
IIRC all fords from 85 were ok for running on unleaded so doubt thats your problem,sounds like HT fault, possibly rotor arm ( think they were still used on that date)or depending on weather it may be the cap?.

I know 1985 fiesta timing had to be retarded by 2 degrees to run ok,but later models didnt
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - Gill_J
In case anyone's interested - and it might help out someone else - the problem turned out (eventually!) to be a loose hose that was resting on the ignition wiring & pulling the connection loose. All it needed was for the hose to be fixed back firmly in place, which was done a few weeks ago, & I've had no problems at all since.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - sierraman
Good to hear a Sierra is still giving good service,mine is getting a shiny new Weber carb this weekend.I now mostly see estates around my way,the h/backs and saloons seem to have gone.
Ford Sierra Ghia misfiring - bell boy
im a bit late on this but an 89 jelly mould could have either engine fitted depending when it was actually made

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