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Rover 827 pulling to the left - norwittyoramusingname
I've recently got hold of a big old 827 as a run about (Big and cheap). I've driven it about 1000 miles so far and it handles pretty well. It stops and pulls away in a straight line etc etc.

However on a couple of occasions when braking, it's felt as if the steering wheel is being pulled over to the left. However when I have then tried to get the car to do it again, the car has driven perfectly. It might be just that the wheel has been caught up in a rut in the road and just the low gearing on the steering wheel makes it seem more noticeable than in other cars. (827 steering has some stupidly high number of turns lock to lock).

I had the brakes checked by a garage and the pads are brand new and the discs are old but in good condition.

Any ideas? I was wondering whether it might be an air bubble in the system so that the right hand calliper is not going down or it might be sticking. It has only happened a few times and may not be a problem, but I thought I would pose the question as I would rather not find out the hard way.
Rover 827 pulling to the left - 659FBE
Although I'm not familiar with this model, I would take a careful look at the front calipers. A sticking piston is a possibility or sticking sliders if the caliper works by using Newton's Third Law (how I love that guy). You won't be able to spot uneven pad wear if the linings are new, but you might find some evidence if you look carefully at the wear lip on the disk running surfaces.

For peace of mind, strip down, check for freedom of movement where required and change the brake fluid whilst you're in there.

Rover 827 pulling to the left - Aprilia
I'd go with 659FBE.
In fact I've just fixed a sticking caliper on an MX5. The owner commented that it pulled a few times (generally when he first used the brakes after a period of standing) and then the caliper suddenly siezed.
Rover 827 pulling to the left - Civic8
As 659FBE,both mine years ago had same problem,make sure fluid is changed as well,its often neglected on secondhand cars
Rover 827 pulling to the left - Cyd
Check the condition of the bushes in two places:
1. where the drag strut meets the subframe right at the front of the car (you'll need to remove the undertray). these bushes are especially weak - I've used poly bushes here on my Vitesse Sport.
2. the top suspension pivot. Waggle the arm back and forth - if you can discern ANY movement in the pivot points you need to rebuild the arm with new bushes. Not a difficult job but the bushes are a little pricey. Excess wear here causes the car to drag the left wheel on roundabouts and scrubs off the inner edge of the tyre.

It could be the first signs of caliper piston sticking or the pads sticking in the carrier. Fortunately the carrier can be removed from the car without disconnecting the hydraulic side - they can then be thoroughly cleaned on the bench along with the slider pins.

Check out the rear brakes as well as the front.

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