Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - volvos60T5SE
Hello, I have recently taken delivery of a new Grand Scenic 2.0VVT 2.0 (136 bhp) privelege.
Today i was driving along the A34 and the car started to beep at me, all the possible warnings came up on the computer display, "Check Injectors" "Electrical Failure" "ASR and ESP Failure" and "Passenger Airbag Failure" appeared on the dash with the SERVICE warning light. The car had obviously gone into "limp home" mode and wouldnt rev over 3,000, nor would it go over 35mph, i got home and disconected the battery for about half an hour and then reconnected it. I started the car up, and there were no faults showing! I took my son to football this evening, as i got back into the car to go home, the following warnings came up, "ASR and ESP Failure" "Passenger Airbag deactivated" and "Parking Brake failure"!!!!! I suspect a faulty ECU, i know the car is under warranty, but was wondering what the problem may be, and has anybody else experienced this problem before??? thanks
Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - Altea Ego
All the messages are so unrelated that it has to be a main voltage problem (spike or low volt) or an earth problem. Dealer might have enough experience of these now to know what it is.
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Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - Kevin
As TVM said,

It looks like a problem with the voltage monitoring or possibly a localised earth fault.

Did the engine stumble or lose power before the alarms?

The main pointers are "Electrical failure" coupled with ASR/ESP failure and airbag deactivation. Both systems will be switched off if the supply voltage is out of range.

When you take it to the dealer be sure to tell them that Electrical failure was also displayed because you may have destroyed some of the evidence by disconnecting the battery.

Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - Aprilia
Bit of a shot in the dark, but I would suggest an alternator fault. Possibly voltage regulator has failed.
Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - volvos60T5SE
Hello there, thanks fot the prompt replies, i will go and test the alternator voltage and battery voltage tomorrow. any more suggestions? thanks Dan
Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - Kevin
>Bit of a shot in the dark, but I would suggest an alternator fault.

That also crossed my mind, but regulator failures are usually hard faults that don't go away for a while after resetting the ECU.


unless you are a masochist with alot of time to spare you should take it to the dealer, especially since it is still under warranty. Trying to fix a problem like this without the factory tools is not fun.

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Leave it to the dealer. If you intervene it may affect the warranty.
Renault Scenic gone crazy!!! - Collos25
Its Renault you will learn to accept these minor problems at least mine reached 60K before it went into self destruct mode,it now appears it comes as standard equipment.


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