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Test drives - Shaz {p}
Does anyone know if 2-3 ay test drives are available, and if so where from. I am looking at buying a 7 seater, preferaly with luggage space, with reasonable towing capacity (trailer with cars upto Mondeo size). It would be diesel, - something like the following:

Galaxy/Alhambra /Sharran
Pug 807/Citroen C7
Maybe KIA /Hyandai for some sort,
merc vito / vw transporter may also be an option.
May consider a 4x4, but potential bigger bills and more cumbersome nature a turn off.

Will probably end up buying 2nd hand, don't really want to go through losing a lot on depreciation etc.

But wanted to test the cars properly, and would like to see how they handle towing, so would like to drive for a couple of days at least.
Any ideas? Not tried the dealers yet, but is this reasonable or am I going to be laughed at....
Test drives - Galaxy
When I was considering buying a Mondeo for my next car I hired one for a week from my local Ford Main Dealer.

The ultimate test drive, and no salesman to worry about either.

I managed to do 1000 miles in a week!
Test drives - mikeyb
Laughed at I am afraid. I dont know of any dealer that would let used stock out for that long, and its likely to have no tax so would need trade plates etc. If you want to do an extended test drive and will buy used anyway then I would suggest trying a local hire company that has what you want and hiring it for the weekend. Get you the extended test plus you can see what they are like when they have a few miles on them
Test drives - Dude - {P}
When I requested an extended test drive from a local Main Dealer of a major Japanese franchise, they said that they had withdrawn the facility after one of their cars was seen being driven at high speed into handbrake turns in a local car park late at night.!!!!

With pond life like this around, who make it bad for the rest of us responsible motorists, you can understand dealerships reluctance to continue this service.!!!!!!

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