Vivaro Van - Juddering clutch - boxer
Has anyone had any problems with clutch judder when pulling away from standstill? I have a new Vivaro van which I am delighted with except for this annoying problem with the clutch.

Yes, it is under warranty but my job requires a van 24/7 so I am reluctant to leave the vehicle with the dealer longer than necessary as the severity of the symptoms vary. You know what it's like, sometimes you can be in and out of the dealers 6 or 7 times before they will admit there is a problem.

Sometimes I think it's my driving but then I get in the family car and I realise that the clutch should be silky smooth.

The dealer says that they have had clutch cylinder seal problems. I have just read another posts re hydrolic clutch cylinders so in the morning I will check for fluid leaks around the cylinder.The dealer also wants the van off the road for a week if the remedial work involves a new clutch which I think is far too long.

At present I have decided to put up with things but then i thought - brand new van, lots of stop-start driving - why should I? so I thought I would try you guys.

So if anyone has had similar problems please let me know.



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Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Aprilia
Sounds like contamination of the clutch (oil leak?) or a distorted centre plate, or some kind of fault with the centre plate.
Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Wales Forester
Does this problem only happen when the clutch is cold?

The reason I ask is that I have a hired Vivaro (55 plate, 4000 miles) at work which has a very snatchy clutch when cold. It doesn't judder as such, it's just got a very sharp biting point which settles down once it's warmed up.
This hired Vivaro is replaced every couple of months and the current one isn't the first I've had with this unwelcome feature.
Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Dave N
In my travels I visit many vauxhall and renault garages, and quite often see these vans with their gearboxes out. Don't they also have a dual mass flywheel?

If you want absolute reliability, then maybe a renault/vauxhall/nissan van is maybe not the best bet.
Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - boxer
Thanks Dave

It looks like I will have to put up with the problem. As you say, Vivaros seem to spend a lot of time with there boxes out which does not sound good - a fact I was not aware of before purchase.

I was hoping to keep the van till it dies but will probably swop after 3 years now.

Ironically I did look at a Transit first!

Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - boxer
Trust me to buy a van which appears to have clutch problems as a design fault - especially as reliability was paramount when choosing this van. It seems that 100% reliability still seems pretty elusive even with todays modern technology. You would have thought that as the model has been around a year or two that any problems like this would have been ironed out by now.

The problem does seem worse form cold and does improve when warm, but again it looks like something I will have to put up with for now.

Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Renault Trafic
I've got a problem with clutch judder too. Renault Trafic dci100, basically the same van. Mine is intermittent and have had a hell of a job proving it to Renault. Finally 2 weeks ago I managed to demonstrate the problem to one of the mechanics and another today, who had a go and agreed there was a problem. It's come out of the garage today after being in for the 9th time. To cut a long story short the garage can't be sure it is the clutch causing the problem as opposed to a misfire or something. Due to the fact that they are not sure, Renault won't pay for the clutch to be looked at and want me to pay about £600 for it to be opened up, If there is a warranty problem they will pay, but if not I'm stuck with the bill. I've spoken to Renault UK and they are not at all flexible on this. Not good customer service considering my van has only just turned 2 years old! I have been told that if enough people ring up to complain to Renault UK they will look into the problem and open one up with no cost to the customer. So if you own a New model Renault trafic call Renault UK on 0800 072 3372, option 2. The more people who phone the better.
Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Renault Trafic
For those of you with a Renault Trafic I have started a tread called "Renault Trafic Clutch Judder".
If it gets enough posts I'll email the link to Renault UK to make them do something. Also, Those of you with a Clutch judder on a vivaro call Vauxhall customer services to force them to do something about it. I'm sure they'll relay it back to Renault eventually, who I think build the van and this should help in the end, and maybe we can all get new clutches on warranty.
Would be nice as I was quoted £850!!!
Clutch Judder - Vivaro Van - Aprilia
" To cut a long story short the garage can't be sure it is the clutch causing the problem as opposed to a misfire or something. Due to the fact that they are not sure, Renault won't pay for the clutch to be looked at and want me to pay about £600 for it to be opened up, If there is a warranty problem they will pay, but if not I'm stuck with the bill."

This is an absolute disgrace. It is up to them to employ technicians who can accurately diagnose faults. The fact that they can't differentiate between clutch judder and a misfire is not your problem - the vehicle has a fault and its up to them to diagnose and fix it. Mind you, with Renault nothing would surprise me - I've never owned a Renault but I've worked on them and I wouldn't have one if they paid me. I would think about small claims court etc. to sort this out.
Primaster van - Juddering clutch. - primastar1
HI i have the same problem with my van which is a nissan primastar, this van is made in luton by a company called IBC under license from renault ,,i know this because i worked there for 14 years...back to the problem, it is a known fault by all three brands i.e nissan, renault, vauxhall the fault is the slave cylinder which is located inside the gearbox, it becomes faulty at about 35000 miles and is most noticeable when cold starting...the symptoms are that when you press the clutch in when cold it stays down and it only comes up when it has been driven for a while..i took my van to the nissan dealer 3 weeks ago and told them what the fault was...however they disagreed and said it was the master cylinder which is located underneath the cluch has since become clear that they change this one rather than the slave because it is much easier, anyway they changed the master and told me all was ok, the next day when starting from cold the same old story the clutch stays down so i called the dealer and they booked it in again. on this occasion they changed the master cylinder again!!! they said that the one they fitted before was faulty and they said that the problem has now been rectified...however the van still has the same symptoms so i asked to speak to the mechanic who did the out he comes and he asks me what the problem is, i say that the clutch still stays down when cold and also has far too much play in it..he replies that that is a problem with the slave cylinder and i say i know thats what i told the service desk when i first booked it van is now in their workshop having the gearbox taken out and they are taking pictures of the faulty parts to see if it is going to be covered under warranty....i think that nissan i going to say that it is a faulty clutch plate which isnt covered , however i have inside information from the tech centre where the van is made that the faulty item is covered under warranty but because it has leaked onto the clutch it makes that faulty also ,, so stick to your guns as i am and dont pay a penny the slave cylinder is the culprit on all these vans but because the clutch plate comes into the equasion they are trying to get out of paying for it...let me know how you get on....insist on the dealer changing the slave cylinder!!!

Don't ask ! My own mental clutch juddered and ended moving this around in cyberspace !

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Primaster van - Juddering clutch. - ed209
Hi any update on the slave cylinder problem

I seem to be having the same problem on a 04 Renault trafic only done 39K, I'm a local plumber so not been carrying heavy loads.

The dealers want to charge me £50 to tell me what the problem is, from what i have read on the net i am sure they already know.

I have been quoted £570 to change clutch and slave by local independent garage using genuine manufactures parts, makes you wonder if this is wise as they are obviously faulty?

Vivaro Van - Juddering clutch - naughtyboy
i have had this problem with mine 06 plate it will worsen untill you get intermitent clutch problems and the pedal dosent return up , and the clutch wont work at times .
i reported it to the dealer who said its master / slave cylinder problem and have booked mine in for 1 day for repair will need gearbox out though and it will be under warrenty
its a known problem as they have seen a few so far
Vivaro Van - re map - woody 30
has any one had theres re mapped, or have herd of anyone who has as i was thinking on getting it done but not sure weather its a good idea cheers. o yeah i had same problem with my cluch not reuring up on an 03 plate but thats a long story but now have 05 plate sportive with less miles
Vivaro Van - Juddering clutch - martinpeg
I have a 2008 Vauxhall Movano van which has had a number of faults since new, the worst being that since it was just a few months old I started to experience a shuddering motion when driving the van. The van has been back to the dealership and even to Vauxhall and they claim it to be a fault with the clutch but they have changed the clutch twice and this has not solved the problem. Vauxhall claim my van is the only case of the problem but having googled this issue this does not appear to be the case. Has anyone found out what the cause of the shuddering is or how it can be solved?
Vivaro Van - Juddering clutch - Avant

You have nother thread which I've moved to this seciton, so no need for this one. Curiously, you don't mention Easytronic as in the heading to the other thread.


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