Celica cabriolet 4wheel steer - Spares ? - Surrey_Scientist
Have been thinking about buying a celica cabriolet.

I have noticed that all the earlier shape cars (91-94) seem to be Japan imports and all I've seen advertised have 4wheel steer.

Is this steering mechanism reliable, and can be spares be sought easily ?

Or are they more rouble than they are worth and I should pay the extra for a later shape car that don't appear to be fitted with this 4 wheel steer.

Again most of the later shape cabrios seem to be Jap imports - are they much different to UK spec cars and what is the spares situation like ?

I almost certainly want an automatic car BTW..... is the auto box a good one ?

Generally are these celica cabriolets a good buy (reliable with reasonable riunning costs) or should one be looking at a european brand. (audi, vw, merc)

Many thanks everyone !

Celica cabriolet 4wheel steer - Spares ? - Pete M
You may find some good info in www.toyotacelicaonline.com/community.htm
which seems to be a good place to find
people who know the answers.
Celica cabriolet 4wheel steer - Spares ? - Sprice
IMO 4WS is a gimmick...I mean, its not as if all the manufacturers fall over themselves to offer it! The Cabrio Celicas are rare, made mostly for the US market, and don't think they were officially imported by Toyota UK. Find a nice UK GT4 from the same era, 0-60 in under 7 seconds, but the Autobox is not unbreakable, so change fluid regularly.

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