Honda Civic - pulling to left - peteH
I have a honda civic. The car pull to the left (i.e will change lanes on a motorway in a couple of seconds)

When travelling in a straight line the steering wheel points slightly right (maybe 10 degrees).

Front tyres have been replaced, and wheels swapped round. No Change?

Is this likley to benefit from tracking or 4 Wheel Aligment? What is the correct option for this case? How much should I expect to pay for a check and adjustment?
Honda Civic - pulling to left - J1mbo
Make sure the tyres are all in good shape and pumped up correctly. Take it to local friendly tyre emporium and ask them to check the tracking (£20 ish). This is causing you the problem.

When they do it, make sure they center the wheel and fix it in place. Take for test run then return it for a recheck after its "settled".

A dealer can also adjust it, you can also ask the dealer for a full geometry check but that will cost and may not be needed at this stage(£50+).

Good luck

Honda Civic - pulling to left - Civic8
Tracking should cure it,as long as its done correctly,ie steering wheel in straight position -track rods adjusted either side not just one side as some do!
Honda Civic - pulling to left - grease monkey
chances are that just a tracking adjustment will sort your problem out,however the civic has adjustable rear suspension (toe setting only )also so a 4 wheel alignment check might be prudent to ensure the rear is set up to spec , before any adjustment is carried out to the front end.
if it aint broke don`t fix it
Honda Civic - pulling to left - peteH
Thanks for all your help.

Asked for a couple of quotes (links from )

I wont name (yet) but prices given so far are:

One supplier quoted £11.75 for a full check and report, and Front wheel adjustment from £32.31inc (for a full quote a report is needed - i.e £11.75)

Another offers full wheel alignment for £65, but offers a free check, and only charge if you asked them to adjust. If only two wheel alignment, the check is free and if adjustment is required the cost is £27.50

This seems a reasonable deal? How does it compare to what others have been quoted?

Honda Civic - pulling to left - Civic_Man
Hi Pete

I have a new civic where the steering wheel is not level when driving in a straight line and pulls to the left when you put the steering wheel level.
Did you get anywhere with your issue?

Honda Civic - pulling to left - FP

After eleven years I'd be surprised if you get an answer.

I may be wrong.


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