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Respraying black cars - Clouddz
I am looking at buying a second car which is a used Honda 4x4 and is black. This car is fairly cheap due to a nasty scratch and bad touchup job on the bonnet and I was wondering if it easier for a bodyshop to respray a new bonnet on newish black cars compared to metallics etc???

PS Sorry if its in the wrong section!
Respraying black cars - Vansboy
Surprisingly - or not - there are lots of shades of black!!

It'll be a lacquer coat, similar to metalics, when it's done, so expect a larger area to de painted, than just the damaged sections. You might look at the whole side (guessing the scratch is there) or maybe just the bonnet & wings.

Respraying black cars - Blue {P}
They're just as difficult to paint as a metallic 'cos the colour match isn't easy, also, many blacks are actually metallics nowadays so you've got a bit of a double whammy!

Respraying black cars - blue_haddock
and on a slightly off topic point a lot of manufacturers are now charging extra for black non-metallic paint.
Respraying black cars - Mondaywoe
My ('solid' black)C5 got a dent in the front wing in a car park when it was only months old (the perpetrator didn't hang around to leave his name of course..)

When I took it to the bodyshop they said black would be a doddle to fix. They said that they would order a genuine Citroen panel, paint it (yes, you heard right!)and then tell me when I could take the car in to have it fitted. I really couldn't believe that they were going to paint the panel before the car even reached the bodyshop and I was all prepared to go into 'rant' mode when I went to pick the car up.

As it turned out, the job was perfect - and has remained so to this day (about 3 years on)The shade is spot on.

The chap who did it swore blind that 'black gloss was black gloss' but even yet, I doubt what he said. Nevertheless, this place was a top bodyshop (they manufacture refridgerated vehicles as well as doing vehicle repairs and are highly regarded for their work.)

Maybe the idea of painting the wing off the car was so that it could be baked more easily???

So was he right? Was I lucky because the car was only months old and paint probably hadn't started to fade? Did he maybe mean that 'black with the appropriate paint code' would match perfectly? Bear in mind too, of course, that my one is 'solid black' - not metallic.

And yes - the car did cost more for the solid black paintwork - as much as metallic if not more as I recall.

Respraying black cars - TheOilBurner
Mrs OilBurner had a metallic black Fiesta once, which I lovingly ploughed into the side of a Toyota Carina E (a Taxi, of course).

That was before we were married, amazingly.

Anyway, car was repaired but never looked right ever again. The metallic finish on the bonnet, bumper and wing that were replaced just didn't seem to go with the rest of the car at all.

Could have been a duff paint job though?

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