Peugeot 405, rust. - Mike Humpherson
In HJ's car by car breakdown for the Peugeot 405, rust appears at the top of the list of what's bad.

HJ also said about the 405 a while ago:

Look for rust "in the seams and in the brake lines. Get the thing on a hoist and have a good look underneath. Build of this cars is very 'light' (much lighter than a Fiat Tipo, for example) so any searious corrosion will make them very weak."

I have 405 estate 1995/N reg. I can't find any rust in the seams at present,but if this is a known weakness, should I be treating the seams with something to prevent them rusting in future?

If so, what should I use, and where should I apply it? Waxoyl? Silicone sealant? Paint?


Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - rogerb
I am surprised - until Jan 2000 I had an E-reg 405GLD (from new), which covered 200k miles, & was rarely washed or polished. When I sold it, the only visible rust on the bodyshell was in a small area which was rather poorly re-sprayed after repair.
I hope you are as fortunate - I see lots of them around in apparently good shape.
Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - Brian
I had pug 309 diesel, F reg, which I bought a 3 years old and changed 18 months ago at 120k+ miles. There was no sign of rust anywhere. On the strength of that I now have a 405 estate. My son had an L reg 106, now with my daughter, with no sign of rust. so I have never thought of pugs as being rust-prone. Maybe we've just been lucky!
Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - Ashley
A bloke in work had a 'H' plate 405 diesel, it was an ex-taxi and had done 220k. To look at the car in general you would never had said that it had done that sort of milage. The body was in excellent shape for it's milage and the only reason he got rid of it was that it became an unreliable starter.
My mate across the street has a 205 Gti 1.9 and is rust free. Another bloke i know had a diesel 205, 155k, that was generally rust free too. Hes old it because he was afraid that it was about to 'let go'. Six months on it's still going strong. Broadly speaking you very rarely see a rusty Pug, the only rusty ones you see have been badly treated.


Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - Andrew Tarr
As another regular Peugeot-owner (my family has owned about 15 since 1988) I can confirm that rust is a rare occurrence. Sometimes the topcoat gets chafed off by the rubber 'bellows' feeding the electrics in the tailgate of a 205, but even then there is only surface blistering. I suppose there may be some Friday cars somewhere but I haven't seen one.
Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - Honest John
The point about the 405 is that it is of very light, very insubstantial build. Like the 205 there are few rust traps. But if rust does set in, you have a death trap, and that's the reason for the warning.

Re: Peugeot 405, rust. - Andrew Holdsworth
I ran a 405 TD estate for many years.Superb car. Found it a bit thirsty on front wheel bearings and ball joints. The only annoying rust was around where the front door seals meet the doors on the door frames which needed touching up now and again. Also had a slight problem around bottom edge of the rear window but I think it had a new window fitted at some time and the paint had been disturbed behind the edge trim.

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