opinion on three cars. - christina walcott
i am a mother of 2 young children and i have a small budget to purchase a car i have seen a few cars i like and read loads of magasins but i need your honest opionion on which is a good car i like the toyoto yaris, the polos the mercedes
a class and the daewoo matiz whats your opinion on these cars and wheres the best place to purchase them cheep.
Re: opinion on three cars. - Moosh
Are you hoping to purchase new or secondhand?
What is your budget ?
daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - ladas are slow
if you are buying new, then i recommend the daewoo matiz - mainly for the warranty and service package.

if you are buying secondhand, then look at the citroen saxo, as these are going to be replaced in march so the prices should be VERY low, or just wait for the new baby citroen C3 which will be perfect for you, as its like a mini MPV, so its perfect for getting child seats that fit.

(buy citroen, its the good choice)
Re: daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - Mark (Brazil)
just so long as anybody reading Ladas are Slow's replies understands that if you take or intend to take his advice then it is advisable to start by considering his experience, knowledge and basic grounding for offering such comments.

If you still feel his advice and/or comments are valuable, then shoot yourself.
Re: daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - Phil
Godsake Mark, leave him alone for once. It is not like you have to qualitfy oneself with experience to contribute to the forum. These are merely peoples opinons, and I would hope that recognise that and not take anything that anyone says as gospel.

/rant off :)
Re: daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - Phil
curses lack of edit button - insert 'they would' between 'that' and 'recognise'
Re: daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - Mark (Brazil)
>>leave him alone for once

not a chance.
Re: daewoo matiz V citroen saxo V citroen C3. - KB
The trouble is, I suspect he, increasingly, keeps cropping up in so many other guises that people will either (a) get annoyed at a genuine newcomer who just happens to write in a similar style, or (b) people will just think it's him using another name and ignore it. It's a pity to spoil a place like this with dross like that, even if it does make you wonder what's coming next. So I regrettably find myself in the " He's a nuisance" camp. I am afraid this is one more point that Tomo and I must disagree on.

PS I still don't know what GUBSIDCWOTAMP stands for. I'd like to know given that, according to Tomo, it was entirely responsible for the demise of the driver in the American sports car.



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