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Some time ago there was an article in the Moroing Telegraph supplement re servicing of aircon units. I took my car to the local dealer and he was totally unaware of the need to service the unit. Finally I got it serviced for £80 at another local dealer with an aircon servicing unit. He stated that most people are unaware of the need to service the units and that a service at least every 2 years was a good idea.
RE: Aircon Servicing - honestjohn
Dear Geoff,

There's a FAQ answer about aircon servicing on this site. Two schools of thought. Some a/c servicing is a downright rip-off.

RE: Aircon Servicing - Chris Williams
My Nissan dealer assure me that my Primera's aircon is a "sealed unit" and needs no servicing, however I'm very dubious as I've heard many horror stories of people being landed with large bills for repairs. Any thoughts ?

I know there is a place at Brooklands not too far from me that has been recommended in the past - how long does the servicing process take (is it a whiole you wait thing) and how much would it cost.
RE: Aircon Servicing - honestjohn
Dear Chris,

I took my Mondeo to the place at Brooklands where I was told it would need a service and a replacement dryer. Other sources have told me this is entirely unnecessary and will do more harm than good. So my a/c remains unserviced apart from being used for 5 - 10 minutes once a week on maximum cold in order to circulate the refreigerant and lubricate the seals. Follow this with a blast of hot air through the same tubes to get rid of any condensatiion and the mould which can grow on it.

RE: Aircon Servicing - Jeff Evans
Hi CHris. I too have a Nissan Primera. The dealer himself could not service my aircon at his Nissan dealership, but one of his other companies had the required facilities. it took all day and cost £85. I am sure it is worth doing this say every two to three years to avoid large bills.
RE: Aircon Servicing - Andrew Bairsto
What can they do a aircon unit that costs 80uk pounds .
Honest John uses the correct procedure
.After all in most euro boxes the AC is no more than a domestic fridge .
regards Andy Bairsto

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