Vectra 2.0 'Oil Lack' Computer warning - mattyg
Hello all,
During longer journeys or when the engine gets very warm in urban driving for example, the 'Oil Lack' warning comes on the dash computer. When I next stand the car and check the oil level it is within acceptable limits. During longer journeys it happens when I slow down say after a moterway trip. I never get the oil warning light, just the computer warning.

Is there a separate sensor for the computer and the dash as the haynes manual does not give any detailled information on this.

The engine is burning about 1 lt per 1000 miles which is ok but if I leave the car to idle for a long time, say from cold to the cooling fans kicking in, then rev it up a bit then I get a big cloud of oil smoke. When the car idles or is revved otherwise then there is no smoke (or none that I can tell of)

I change the oil and filter regularily and the cylinder head has just been reconditioned.

Any ideas? I am thinking either a blocked strainer or oil pump (but wouldent that cause the same problem all the time?) blocked filter (been changed, no difference) faulty sensor (but then why does it always happen after a motorway trip?) Could there be a inlet manifold gasket problem?

Cheers for any advice!
Vectra 2.0 'Oil Lack' Computer warning - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I'd suggest the oil level sensor in the sump. The oil burning as you describe is usually attributable to worn valves/guides or hardened stem seals but if the head has been reconditioned properly that shouldnt be an issue.
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Vectra 2.0 'Oil Lack' Computer warning - Hamsafar
The oil level sensor in the sump feeds the Oil Lack message, and a small pressure switch feeds the Oil Pressure light. The former measures sump level, the latter measures pressure.
Probably just a faulty or gunged up sensor.

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