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shocks and springs ? Vectra-C - welshy
My Vectra has had a bit of a hard life , speedramps and general wear and tear . its now on 125,000 miles and feels like a jelly at speed. The garage has said therees no wear in the roll bar bushes and the shocks seem fine . Its still on original front shocks and springs but has new rear shocks only due to one leaking about 6 months ago . Any help here please ?
shocks and springs ? - bell boy
garage have said shocks seem fine this is in relation to no leaks and therefore would pass an mot,if you intend keeping the car and not jarring your back then you want us to say open your wallet and get the front shocks changed and possibly the springs.???????
open your wallet,hows that?
\"a little man in a big world/\"
shocks and springs ? - welshy
they are gas on the front so how would i know if they where leaking . Im only asking a question please .
shocks and springs ? - bell boy
you wouldnt
\"a little man in a big world/\"
shocks and springs ? - Adam {P}
Try being a little more friendly eh Oldy?
shocks and springs ? - bell boy
what do you mean by that??????????
\"a little man in a big world/\"
shocks and springs ? - Hamsafar
Gas ones, are 'gas charged', they still contain oil, both for damping and often conductive cooling.
shocks and springs ? - Hamsafar
Well, they aren't too dear and better to buy now and enjoy the benefits than replace them for the next owner. Make sure you get ones at least as good as the originals, there are lots of cheap pattern deals on cheap oil ones. Get gas ones, such as Kayaba Gas a just (not adjustable as the name may suggest) Kayaba are a big Japanese OEM. Also, the new Monroe Reflex have just replaced their Sensatrac units. I think the Vectra originally has BOGE Sachs and Lemfroder? suspension parts, but with so many problems of leaks and knocking, maybe best to try Monroe Reflex or go for the top of range BOGE/Sachs?. Good luck! PS wouldn't bother with springs unless they sag or look in bad shape.
shocks and springs ? - Civic8
Even oil filled shocks can fail with no leaks,as no foolproof method available to test.But they dont last forever,normally shock wear is shown on tyre tread blocks as chamfering (could also be caused by weak springs) simple check is run hand over tread, if you can feel lumps and lows in tread blocks it has to be either of the two
shocks and springs ? - Aprilia
KYB's from are a good quality shock at a low price.
shocks and springs ? Vectra-C - Victorbox
If you want to go OEM, try your local Masterfit for a quote on the shocks - you might be pleasantly surprised.
shocks and springs ? Vectra-C - welshy
Ok cheers guys !

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