Black Circles - satisfied customer - Round The Bend
Just to report that I've just had 2 tyres (Dunlop SP2000E) fitted to the back of the Mondeo. All ordered through BlackCircles (no Costco within 100 miles) and very pleased with service. I was given a 9am appointment and job was done inside 20 mins.

Icing on the cake was that the fitting company (Central Tyres) manager's best price was £10 per tyre more than I paid through Black Circles.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Mike H
I've used them as well, and I was impressed. Just trying for some winter tyres - as they are german-based, they are really cheap.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Roly93
Black Circles are okay, but I find Valuetyres have just as good service, and are marginally cheaper.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Stuartli
Good to hear some praise for a change in the forums...:-)
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Black Circles - satisfied customer - Round The Bend
More praise! I had the other 2 tyres done through Black Circles this morning. As an existing customer, BC gave 5% discount.

I used the same fitters as before who seem to prioritise for Black Circles customers. They happily moved existing backs to front. Whole process meant that I was only out of the office for 45 mins.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Mike H
Even better, they come to your home at no extra charge. And when you've used them once, you get a loyalty discount of 10% the next time round.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Red Baron
Used BC too. Could even get them fitted at the only real tyre fitter in my home town. Excellent service. Had I arranged for this through the tyre fitter themselves, it would have been quite a bit dearer.
Black Circles - satisfied customer - Daedalus
Yep; Black Circles works well. The only issue I had was the owner of the independent I went to kept on moaning about how he was making no money out of it. I will not go back to that one but will use BC again. The S8 will cost about £600 to reshoe at BC and a couple of hundred more at KwikFit.

Black Circles - satisfied customer - Pugugly {P}
Won't be using them, the only fitter locally is a highly dodgy garage I wouldn't trut him with a wheelbarrow.
(in fact he'd prbably cut and shut that as well)

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